Marshall to host Faces of Physics Virtual Speaker Series discussion Sept. 15

Marshall’s chapter of the Society of Physics Students is continuing its Faces of Physics Virtual Speaker Series in the Fall 2022 semester, kicking off with Andrew Muñoz, a geophysicist for Ensign Natural Resources. He will speak on “Career Paths in Applied Geophysics” at 8 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 15, in an online discussion found on YouTube at It will be followed by a Q&A.

This online series highlights physicists from underrepresented groups, and it is free and open to all.

“The Faces of Physics series provides the viewer with an insight into what it takes to become a highly regarded and respected individual within the physics community,” said Marshall student Eli Williamson, president of Marshall’s Society of Physics Students group. “These talks are geared toward helping those viewers who are interested in physics learn more about what they can do in physics and what physics can do for them, as well as introducing the layperson to the vital role physics plays in their everyday life.

“In the case of Mr. Andrew Muñoz, the viewer will be able to see how a love of geology and physics can merge to fill the need for a vital role, such as a geophysicist for the oil and gas industry.”

Upcoming for the Faces of Physics Series are Ellie White, a Marshall University and SPS alumna who now works as a data analyst for the Greenbank Observatory. She will speak in early November and be followed by an online discussion with Dr. Yasuyuki Okumura of the CERN ATLAS Experiment in late November. Plans are underway for additional speakers as well.

The Faces of Physics Virtual Speaker Series is sponsored by the Society of Physics Students Fund.