Cycle of Violence

Below is a visual representation of the cycle of violence.

The more times the cycle is completed the less time it takes to complete, and as the cycle is repeated, the violence increases in frequency and severity.

Cycle of Violence

Every couple experiences ups and downs in their relationships. There are times when everything is wonderful, fun and romantic. There are other times when tension exists in the relationship because of disagreement around an issue, event or behavior. When a couple in a healthy relationship experienced tension, they take time out to talk and to resolve the situation in a way that is respectful to both parties.

In a battering relationship, the controlling party will verbally insult, physically humiliate or sexually assault the other. After the blow-up the batterer might apologize for what happened and promise never to act that way again. The abused partner wants to believe this and welcomes back the partner. Because the batterer’s apologies are ways of manipulating the victim into staying in the relationship and not sincere efforts to change, in time, the tension will begin to grow and the cycle will repeat itself.

The cycle of violence can be broken
when the abuser admits sole responsibility for violent and abusive behavior and gets help. The cycle can also be broken when the victim safely and with support leaves the abusive relationship.

The victim is Not to blame
The abuse and violence get worse and happen more often the longer a couple remains in this kind of relationship

(Information taken from Trust Betrayed)