Welcome to MUx2

The official Marshall University WordPress theme for 2015-2017.


MUx2 is a powerful WordPress theme that is based on Foundations by Zurb – a dynamic framework that ensures your website will be accessible by any device, no matter their size or orientation.

To update your website to the newest theme, please follow the instructions detailed below.

Please note: Updating to MUx2 may change the position and layout of some of your content, including pages, posts, images, menu items, and so forth. This is typical and expected behavior as the underlying style and framework has changed. Please go through and make sure that all your pages are satisfactory and make adjustments as needed. The update will happen instantly once the new theme has been activated so use good judgement when selecting the best timeframe to update and review your site. If you run into abnormal issues, please contact the web team by opening a support ticket with the IT Service Desk.

Step One

Navigate to your website’s administrative dashboard. This is located at www.marshall.edu/YOUR-WEBSITE-URL/wp-admin.

You will be able to log in by using your MUNet username and Password. Note, some accounts are secured with two-factor authentication using Google, this feature helps secure your account but is turned off my default. You may turn it on at any time once you are logged into the dashboard.

If you find that you do not have access to a website and you should, please submit a support ticket to the IT Service Desk and one of our web team members will assist you gaining access.

001(Click to enlarge)

Step Two

Once logged in you will be directed to the default WordPress dashboard home screen.

From here you will be able to edit pages, post, media, links, widgets, and theme settings.

002(Click to enlarge)

Step Three

Navigate to the Themes panel within the WordPress Dashboard.

This panel is located under Appearance > Themes.


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Step Four

Within the Themes panel, you will see two themes: Roots MU and MUx2.

MUx2 is the newest theme – it features powerful new tools behind the scenes that make it more responsive and faster. Also, the theme now features more “templates” which help customize your overall site’s content layout.


(Click to enlarge)

Step Five

Simply mouse over the block that reads “MUx2” and a new set of options will appear.

Click “Activate” and your website will be automatically updated to the new WordPress theme.

Some of your content, including menu items, may shift around in this process. Please go through and check all of your content and make adjustments as needed.

005(Click to enlarge)

Project History

This project is focused on the revision and redesigning of the main Marshall University website. This change is needed to keep up with technological changes as well as modern design trends that can help craft a better user experience as well as boosting the Marshall brand. During the course of this project, the IT Enterprise Applications team worked closely with the Communication and Recruitment teams to use highly detailed analytics, modern design trends, and knowledge of user experience to create a brand new online experience for Marshall University.

The previous iteration of the website was built using the Content Management System, WordPress which now includes over 300 individual department websites. Marshall will continue to use WordPress as the main content management system moving forward, therefore the bulk of the content is already in place. This redesign focuses on understanding the way that the content is arranged (user interface) and how the viewers access this content (user experience). Once this information has been established then the design will be adjusted and updated to make the most of the website as a platform to deliver content. This redesigned website effort is the University standard for electronic online branding and will has an expected lifetime of three years.

Support & Training

While editing your content, if you have general questions, we recommend searching Google or wordpress.org for an answer, or viewing one of the excellent videos available on Lynda.com. WordPress is an open source technology and there are thousands of forums where users ask questions. However, if you run into larger issues or have more complex needs while editing and need help from our team, please contact the Help Desk to open a support ticket and we will be happy to assist you.

Additionally, we periodically (four times a year) have WordPress Essential Training seminars. In these training sessions, we will help users with varying degrees of content authoring experience to better understand the fundamentals of WordPress and best practices to follow when designing a Marshall University website.