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At Marshall we utilize the WordPress publishing platform, an open source Content Management System that allows the creation of beautiful webpages and blogs. Editing WordPress is intuitive, easy to use, and simple to maintain.

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Terms of Service

General Information

Departmental webpages are sites that can be requested by any official Marshall University Department or Office. These sites are traditionally provided with access to the main university template and official University branding. Departmental pages are limited to 100mb and may need to be approved by the University Communications prior to being launched as an official Marshall University Webpage.


The University Communications Web Team offers basic support to all Marshall University WordPress content managers. Editing WordPress is pretty intuitive and the software is fun to use. While editing your content, if you have general questions, we recommend searching Google or for an answer, or viewing one of the excellent videos available on Lynda. WordPress is an open source technology and there are thousands of forums where users ask questions. However, if you run into larger issues or have more complex needs while editing and need help from our team, please contact University Communications and we will be happy to assist you. But, please be patient, we support thousands of sites, and we consider all Marshall Websites a priority.


Student Access – Granting student accounts administrative access to websites gives the user access to all areas of the website including public pages and post. Since this access level is outside of the normal protocol for student accounts, your department will be responsible for any changes or potential damages that is caused by this user. In addition, it will be your responsibility to tell us when to revoke their privileges.