Football Season

Hello football fans!!

The fall semester has gotten into full swing and football season has started with it! The Thundering Herd football team is looking great this season and we here at Marshall University Student Health wish Doc Holliday and his team the best of luck this season!

We at SHEP encourage students to become active on campus and support our many athletic teams in their endeavors. However, one issue that always seems to arise is the prevalence of drinking during football games and tailgates. Just a few quick reminders:

* It is illegal in the United States to consume or possess alcohol under the age of 21.

* Marshall University has a zero tolerance policy on underage drinking; even a BAC of .01 can result in an underage drinking citation.

* Marshall Housing and Residence Life policy states “the consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all residence halls regardless of the age of the resident.”

Many organizations on campus (such as Marshall Maniacs, SAPB, and SGA) offer alcohol-free game day events. Check for more information with those student groups or look for flyers on campus.

Stay Healthy and Go Herd!