Gro Marshall

Gro virtual meetings will be held every Monday at noon.


The Marshall University Sustainability Department, Marshall University Wellness Center, Marshall’s Collegiate Recovery Community, and Gro. Inc. have been working to develop a recovery support and job skills development program for students and community members that will provide a new approach to recovery.

Gro is a fellowship which encourages personal healing through connection to nature. We seek to serve our communities by cultivating natural beauty, healthy foods, and neighborly service. We hold space for those who have been impacted by addiction, provide a safe space to learn new skills, and encourage active service in a supportive community.

Physical labor connects people to their bodies, a welcome change in a world where most of us are "in our heads" most of the time. Gro fellowship participants check-in before each workday and use their time to practice mindfulness, the process of welcoming the mind back into the present moment.

Anyone can join the Gro Marshall fellowship meetings, and we will hold facilitator training each semester for those interested in leading meetings.

Gro Marshall coverage in the Parthenon.


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