Austin Creel

Music Director 

Has also done: DJ Shifts and News Production
Hometown: Parkersburg, WV
Major: Video Production
Would Eventually Like to: Host their own Podcast.


The Less Serious List

Currently Listening to a lot of: Andrew Bird, Jeff Buckley, Queens of the Stone Age, Hop Along, St. Vincent, Father John Misty
Is currently watching: The Office, again – and all of Friends
Number of Tabletop games I’m playing a week: Three
Recommended books: House of Leaves, John Dies at the End

In my own words:

I’ve volunteered at WMUL for several semesters, and I’m excited to make this one my first as a member of the board of directors. I’m very exited to use my position as Training Coordinator to help those interested in volunteering find their place at the WMUL!
The number one thing I want to help new volunteers understand is that no one is perfect on their first try, and that you’ve only truly failed when you give up. When you become both comfortable and confident in your position here is when you’ll make time and content that’s truly special.