Concert Coverage

5th Annual College Radio Day – 10/02/15

HUNTINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA – In celebration of all things college radio and local music, in partnership with The V Club, I put together an eclectic bill of local music to represent the wide array of genres heard on WMUL. From a pop punk band, to a very retro sounding British invasion-esque four piece, to a band that’s very hard to pin down, a good time was had by all.


Posing in front of the marquee in one of my favorite t-shirts. Second time I’ve seen a show that I planned come to fruition in the form of a marquee sign, and it feels just as good the second time around. Photo by Kelsie Tyson.


Robb Coleman of Letters, the opening act of our three band bill. Photo by Autumn Vallandingham.



Cody Hatton of Of The Dell ain’t scared of college radio. They have their debut EP of original songs coming out either late-2015 or early-2016. Photo by Kelsie Tyson.



Christopher ‘Qiet’ Vincent of Qiet, one of the impossible not to watch showmen of the West Virginia music scene. Photo by Kelsie Tyson.

Huntington Music and Arts Festival 2015

Walking around the ground of the 2015 Huntington Music and Arts Festival, a certain feeling was evident in the air, being felt by musicians, vendors, and attendees alike: what we’ve got here is something special. Whether it be the Americana sound of Tyler Childers and The Horse Traders, or the garage rock vibes sent by Rozwell Kid, Goodwolf, Bishops and J. Marinelli, the music in West Virginia is a force that will, on a day closer than we think, be reckoned with

Personal highlights include: Singing along with Tyler Childers as a light shower was moving through the city, going nuts with Tyler Grady from Goodwolf while watching Rozwell Kid. Getting to hang out with the local musicians and interview them. Seeing Ona.

I can’t drum up any dislikes of the festival. Even the rain helped made those moments just a bit more special. Tucker Riggleman from Bishops describes HMAF as a “West Virginia music family reunion,” and even as a first time attendee, I felt welcomed in and one of the group.

Check out a gallery of photos from the event here.


Fashion Meets Music Festival

by Autumn Vallandingham, Photographer and Social Media Coordinator


This past Labor Day weekend, Kelsie Tyson (Digital Music Librarian and Photographer) and I traveled to Columbus, Ohio to attend the second annual Fashion Meets Music Festival held in the downtown Arena District. Being the second year of the festival, we weren’t for sure what to expect. The turn out wasn’t bad, and the acts were great as well. Headliners on the Stella Stage included Taking Back Sunday, St. Vincent, Young The Giant, SOJA, and many supporting acts on the iHeart Radio and Jägermeister stages. Local acts were also showcased.


Kelsie Tyson / WMUL Ludacris performing on the iHeart Radio Stage on September 5, 2015.
Kelsie Tyson / WMUL
Ludacris performing on the iHeart Radio Stage on September 5, 2015.




Events kicked off at 1 PM on Saturday and Sunday, with multiple music acts and fashion shows throughout the days. Many local vendors were in attendance as well.







Autumn Vallandingham / WMUL Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness performing at FMMF on Sunday.
Autumn Vallandingham / WMUL
Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness performing at FMMF on Sunday.

Two of the most notable acts to Kelsie and I were Taking Back Sunday and Andrew McMahon in The Wilderness. Growing up, these these bands had great influence on our lives, and to finally see them live was such a thrilling experience. Taking Back Sunday opened with one of my favorites from their newest album, “Flicker, Fade” and of course ended their set with the iconic song “MakeDamnSure.” Andrew McMahon surprised the crowd with one of his hits from past band Jack’s Mannequin within the first three songs, and a few more throughout his set.




Kelsie Tyson / WMUL Let It Happen kicking of FMMF on the iHeart Radio Stage in Columbus, Ohio.
Kelsie Tyson / WMUL
Let It Happen kicking off FMMF on the iHeart Radio Stage in Columbus, Ohio.




Kelsie and I also received the chance to interview two bands while attending, Let It Happen and Northern Faces. The interview with Let It Happen is on our station’s SoundCloud.






Overall, FMMF was a great weekend and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next year.

All photos from this weekend can be accessed on WMUL’s Flickr account.

Summer Coverage

by Autumn Vallandingham, WMUL Photographer and Social Media Coordinator


Over the past few months, WMUL has given Kelsie Tyson and I some of the best opportunities. We were both able to attend Bunbury Festival and I was able to attend FloydFest.


Brand New June 7, 2015 Courtesy of Kelsie Tyson
Kelsie Tyson / WMUL
Brand New performing at Bunbury Festival on June 7, 2015 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Starting with Bunbury, located in Cincinnati, Ohio on the riverfront, headliners included The Avett Brothers, Snoop Dogg, The Black Keys, and Brand New. For only attending Sunday, Kelsie and I were able to see WMUL favorites The Front Bottoms open the Yeatman’s Cove Stage, followed by Manchester Orchestra and Brand New. Reflecting on the the event, Kelsie stated, “Bunbury was an amazing experience! There was so much energy and general love for music. It was amazing being able to see well known acts interact with their loving fans.” The set up of Bunbury was extremely fun and the venue on the riverfront gave the festival such a nice, summery feel.




Shovels and Rope August 26, 2015 Photo Courtesy of Autumn Vallandingham
Autumn Vallandingham / WMUL
Cary Ann Hearst, member of Shovels and Rope, performing on the Dreaming Creek Main Stage at FloydFest on August 22, 2015 in Floyd, Virginia.

FloydFest, July 22-26, 2015, has been a Floyd, Virginia staple for 14 years now.  Headliners included Grace Potter, Brandi Carlile, and Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell. This being my first FloydFest, I was completely overwhelmed by the festival itself. I was accompanied by my mother, Cherie Brown, who also had never attended FloydFest. The overall atmosphere was extremely welcoming and the scenery at the festival itself, as well as traveling to it, was beautiful. I was very sad I was not able to attend the whole festival, but a single day of festivities did not let me down. I hope to attend next year, as well as attend the whole event.

PitchBlak Brass Band Photo Courtesy of Autumn Vallandingham
Autumn Vallandingham / WMUL
Alison Shearer, alto saxist for PitchBlak Brass Band, performing on the Pink Floyd Garden Stage on August 22, 2015.




All photos of FloydFest can be accessed on Autumn’s Flickr.

Brandi Carlile at FloydFest Photo Courtesy of Autumn Vallandingham
Autumn Vallandingham / WMUL
Brandi Carlile and band closing the Main Stage at FloydFest on Saturday evening.