Dylan Stone

Production Director 

Other Positions Held: Training Coordinator

Hometown: Point Pleasant, WV

Major: Sports Broadcasting

Has Been at WMUL Since: Spring 2016





In My Own Words:

As the Production Director, my job is to create content for WMUL. That can include promos for the station and PSAs to play during breaks in programming (since WMUL is commercial-free!) For the most part, anything prerecorded that plays on WMUL that isn’t a song falls under my jurisdiction.

In addition to having served as training coordinator, I’m also heavily involved on the sports staff and lightly involved with the news staff. So if I could give one piece of advice about WMUL it would be this: Branch out! There are so many different ways to get involved with the station, both behind the scenes and front and center. Try as much as you can and find what you like the best, there are plenty of opportunities!