Adam Rogers

Graduate Student Station Manager

Other positions held: A little bit of everything at WMUL
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio (currently living in Milton,WV)
Major: Masters of Journalism student
Other jobs held: The Parthenon Sports Editor, MUTV Manager
WMUL tenure began: Fall 2009





The Less Serious List

Favorite Song: Cash Machine by D.R.A.M.
Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones
Favorite Movie Franchise: Star Wars (duh)
Favorite Facial Expression: The Slow Over-Expressive Wink
Favorite Teams: Ohio State, Marshall, Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Cubs, Boston Celtics

In My Own Words

As the graduate student station manager, it is my job to oversee the day to day operations of WMUL-FM and help our staff in any way I can. I want everyone who volunteers here to have fun and enjoy their time here at the station, whether it be as a DJ or member of sports and news staff. I think WMUL-FM is one of the most fun places to be on campus because of all the hands-on things we have the opportunity to do. From broadcasting Marshall football games to covering the Fountain Ceremony on campus and our Homecoming Car Bash to music shows like Cutting Edge Fest, we are constantly doing things in the community that people see and hear us do.

My biggest piece of advice to those of you who are looking to work at WMUL-FM is to get involved with as many different things here as possible because it will benefit you in the long run! Seriously, that’s how I’ve been able to do as much as have in my time here. Hope you believe me and take it to heart! Have a great time working here!