Further Information on Hiring of GAs


We wanted to provide some clarification on the hiring of Graduate Assistants as we have had a number of questions.

  1. Graduate Assistants are Marshall positions and should be hired utilizing the new Personnel Action Form (http://www.marshall.edu/human-resources/files/GA-PAF.pdf)
  2. Research GA’s GRxxxx may be funded by a grant or other resources, but all will still be a Marshall position and receive pay through the State.
  3. If a Graduate Assistant is hired to do research for a grant in addition to their GA position, that research position would be hired on a MURC PAR in accordance with the language in the grant.
  4. The GTxxxx positions have a title of Graduate Teaching Assistant, but may be assigned to three different roles (GTA, GTS, GTG), this change will be made in Banner based on the title selected on the PAF when it is processed in HR/Budget. Note that the default is GTS.

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