Marshall University FoundationMarshall University Foundation - 175th anniversary | 2011-2012 Annual Report

175th anniversary | 2011-2012 Annual Report

Dr. Ronald G. Area
“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” --- Mark Twain

Dear friends,

This year marks Marshall University’s 175th anniversary. Our beginnings were as a humble subscription school for local residents built on the land called Maple Grove.

This was a long time ago. To put things in context, it was the same time as the telegraph was patented, the city of Chicago incorporated, and the state of Michigan was welcomed into the union. From these humble beginnings grew our present-day Marshall University.

Our roots in the vision of our founders run deep. We remember them through societies that bear their names: Laidley, Holderby, and Buffington. While the casual visitor to Marshall may not know it, the land on which Old Main stands is the same land our institution was founded on 175 years ago. Our founders' work represents all the good things that have followed. Today, we are seeing unprecedented growth in enrollment and new facilities. Our educational offerings continue to expand into new and progressive fields of academic study.

Dr. Ronald G. Area

We continue to attract a diverse new group of students and classes that are both large and very well-prepared to begin an educational journey that will shape them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

We are also proud of the progress and growth of the Marshall University Foundation. We have enjoyed the continued support of many loyal alumni and friends. Everyday, new donors join our ranks and they are enthusiastic about becoming a part of our legacy.

Dr. Kopp recently shared with me an article about philanthropy in America. Certainly, the economy has taken its toll on many charitable organizations and the return to a culture of giving has been slow nationally. We are heartened that we have found a warm welcome wherever we have gone to spread the word about Marshall University.

As we celebrate this 175th anniversary of Marshall University, we look forward to helping the University grow and expand its role as a leading educational institution in our state and nation. We have enjoyed great blessings thanks to the involvement and support of so many. What is so exciting?  We are just getting started. The future is bright. Stay connected, be active and support Marshall University.


Dr. Ronald G. Area
Senior Vice President for Development
Chief Executive Officer

The Marshall University Foundation, Inc.