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175th anniversary | 2011-2012 Annual Report

Donor profile: The Forlines

The Forlines
175:When Jeff Forline’s 17-year-old twins toured Marshall, they decided there was no need to look at other colleges.
When Jeff met Dr. Stephen J. Kopp, he was sure they were correct.

It's not a matter of education. It's a matter of trust.

In life, it is important to find people and institutions we can trust.

We trust our banker with our savings.
We trust our minister with spiritual growth.
We trust our doctor to keep us healthy.

But there are few trusts that cause more disquiet for a parent than choosing a place to protect, nurture, and inspire our children.

The Forlines family found that times two when they were faced with the choice of college…or colleges…for twins Gray and Alli.

Jeff Forlines
Jeff delivered an inspirational message at the Scholarship Reception at Foundation Hall. His children Gray and Alli were honored there.

“My relationship is more by happenstance than by seeking it,” said the twins’ father, Jeff Forlines. “We were looking at universities during the twins’ junior year and they both had opportunities all across the country. We decided to make our first visits in our home state. We started with Marshall. After the visit my son said, ‘Dad, there’s no reason to go anywhere else.’”

Still, it’s a dad’s prerogative to worry. But Jeff said two things made a difference. During a dinner for Yeager candidate finalists, he became convinced that Marshall was a place where Gray and Alli could not just grow, but truly excel. He also met Dr. Kopp who told him that his children would be safe, have opportunity, and get an outstanding education at Marshall.

Both Forlines excelled at Marshall. Gray was a four-year member of the Marching Thunder and Alli was active in many extracurricular activities. Both graduated Summa Cum Laude.

“I couldn’t be more proud of my kids,” said Jeff. “They will represent Marshall very well in all they do. Marshall was good for them.”