Mid-Ohio Valley Campus: Collaboration in action.

Internationalization involves reaching beyond the walls to effect change that benefits people around the world. At the core, though, is the idea of outreach, uplift, collaboration, and impact. While it’s just a short drive down Route 2, the Mid-Ohio Valley Campus in Point Pleasant embodies this concept.

At the center of the Mid-Ohio Valley Campus story is Homer Preece, now the Director of the center and a man who was “there before the beginning.” When the idea of creating a satellite school to Marshall in the Ohio Valley surfaced more than two decades ago, Preece was tapped to muster the community.

He found a receptive audience. Preece speaks enthusiastically of the support and energy of executives of companies including Ohio Valley Bank, Fruth Pharmacy, local educators and many others during the early days. Pleasant Valley Hospital donated the campus site. Marshall University’s Ohio Valley Campus came to life.

“In the beginning, most of our students were non-tradition,” Preece said. “Often they had jobs or family responsibilities and couldn’t make the trip to Huntington for classes. The Mid-Ohio Valley Center was convenient and close to home.”

“Through the years, we have come in contact with hundreds of students. Some can complete their degree here, while others get initial credits before transferring to the Huntington campus. We even offer classes to high school students,” Preece said. “We still have a lot of first generation people. Helping students be successful before they go on to a larger campus is very rewarding.”

Ohio Valley Bank. There from the start.

Although the idea for the Marshall Mid-Ohio Valley Campus came from the very roots of the community, the first physical manifestation came in the form of a borrowed office from Ohio Valley Bank.

“We understand that our success depends on helping the communities we serve,” said Mario Liberatore, Senior Vice President of Ohio Valley Bank and a longtime member of the MOVC Board of Advisors. “Early on we understood the good that could come of a closer relationship for our community with Marshall.”

During the 2012 school year, Ohio Valley Bank announced an innovative new scholarship to benefit full-time students at MOVC. While many students can find scholarships to help them enter college, the funds often dry up as they progress through their education. The new Ohio Valley Bank scholarship aims to benefit full-time sophomores, juniors or seniors at MOVC, with minimum 2.5 grade point averages. Priority will be given to students in Mason County first, then Gallia and Meigs counties in Ohio and the award will be renewable for up to four years if the recipient remains in good academic standing.

This is just one way that Ohio Valley Bank supports Marshall University. It’s a long-term relationship that Liberatore says is beneficial to the bank, Marshall and the community.

“I just think this part of the state needs Marshall to grow and to help students,” said Liberatore. “The more we do that, the more we can create opportunity for our region.”