Melanie Butt

“My parents are all Air Force, so prior to moving to Huntington to attend Marshall, no where had ever felt like home to me. After attending Marshall for over seven years, having a wide variety of opportunities and having incredible professors who became my mentors, my time at Marshall had become the most impactful and shaping of my life,” said director of philanthropy, Melanie Butt.

After receiving a degree in dental hygiene from West Virginia University Institute of Technology, Melanie came to Marshall to pursue medicine, but realized that she enjoyed the challenges and interactions in business, switched her major and received her Bachelor of Business Administration and then her Master of Business Administration.

When she learned of an opportunity to help Marshall students and faculty, she was excited to help the University continue to grow its success. Currently, Melanie builds relationships with alumni and friends in West Virginia, North and South Carolina, Jacksonville, Florida, Indianapolis, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois.

“The best part of my job is hearing all of the amazing accomplishments and stories of our alumni. Sons and Daughters of Marshall are truly wonderful, fascinating individuals who make an incredible difference in the world,” she said.

Melanie currently resides in Chesapeake, Ohio. She enjoys weight lifting, reading, spending time with her pets, friends and family and cooking.

“I hope Marshall continues to grow and have the ability to provide more educational opportunities for students, while maintaining the feel of a much smaller university, as it currently does.”