Giving to Marshall University

S. J. Kopp

"It is the vision that lights our journey as we endeavor to actualize the tremendous potential that lies within ourselves and Marshall University." [ More ]

-Dr. Stephen J. Kopp,
President Marshall University

Giving to Marshall University shows you believe in giving deserving students an affordable, top-quality public education.

Marshall University is state-supported, but not fully state-funded. Today, government dollars provide approximately 29 percent of the University's operating expenses. Private dollars are what make the difference. Your gift will help designate Marshall as one of the most distinctive and highly-regarded public universities in the nation.

Many individuals view their support as a way to accomplish personal goals or support values and beliefs. Some view their support as a good investment; others value the experiences they received and want to ensure the same for future generations of students. Perhaps you would like to remember someone you love or respect by naming a scholarship, a professorship, or even a building. Maybe you have an interest in a particular program you want to see grow and succeed. You can even support your financial or estate planning through philanthropic tax advantages.

Whether you want to make a difference for a student, a professor, a department, a program—or demonstrate your leadership and your support for higher education- you can show your support through a gift.

Private gifts support:

  1. Students — scholarships and fellowships, research grants, academic grants and awards, career development, internships, admissions programs and more.
  2. Faculty — funds to hire and retain dedicated and gifted teachers and researchers.
  3. Facilities — state funds pay for the construction and renovation of buildings, but do not pay for the furnishings and equipment, laboratories and multimedia classroom supplies such as computers needed to bring those buildings to life.
  4. Academic programs and initiatives — new research centers, study abroad programs, new course offerings to keep pace with major world developments, and more.
  5. General support — ongoing programs and services not supported by state or federal dollars, and critical needs that arise throughout the year.

All Gifts Make a Difference

Even a small donation, when combined with hundreds or thousands of others, can have a positive and lasting impact on Marshall University.

Through The University Fund, the University’s annual giving program, you can designate your gift to benefit the school or academic program of your choice. Or you can allocate your gift to Marshall University’s Greatest Needs, where it will be used for immediate needs such as merit scholarships; undergraduate research support and graduate fellowships; faculty hiring and retention; career networking and admissions programs.

Planned Giving benefits both the University and the donor by offering significant tax advantages and life income arrangements. Planned gifts include bequests, charitable lead trusts, life income gifts and gifts of life insurance, appreciated securities, real estate and personal property, and retirement funds.

Endowments can be established for student scholarships, faculty chairs or academic programs. An endowment fund preserves capital, offers long-term growth, keeps pace with, or exceeds inflation, and can offer significant tax advantages to the donor. An endowment can be named for the donor or in honor of the person or persons of the donor’s choice.

Support for the Marshall University Honor College helps Marshall continue attracting the best and brightest students to campus through merit scholarships and challenging opportunities for experiential learning, independent study, and collaborative, interdisciplinary contact with faculty and graduate students.