MU Theatre History Archive

The Arabian Nights

by Mary Zimmerman
November 7-10 & 15-17, 2012
  • Photo By: Sholten Singer
  • Photo By: Sholten Singer
  • Photo By: Sholten Singer
  • Photo By: Sholten Singer
  • Photo By: Sholten Singer
  • Photo By: Sholten Singer
  • Photo By: Sholten Singer
  • Photo By: Sholten Singer
  • Photo By: Sholten Singer

Cast list

John ApgarGreen Grocer and Others
Christina Baroniel - ΑΨΩScheherezade
Ryan Gallerani - ΑΨΩCamel, jafar, Figure and Other
Meghan Martin - ΑΨΩGirl and Others
Jordan Marx - ΑΨΩSlave Girl and Others
Josh Meredith - ΑΨΩJester and Others
Ashley Monet - ΑΨΩSympathy, The Learned and Others
Michael NortonHarun al Rashid
Emily Pritchard - ΑΨΩLead Musician, Woman and Other
Will RadfordPastry Cook and Others
James SmithIshak of Mosul and Others
Kameron Stambaugh - ΑΨΩGirl in the Garden, 1st Woman by River
Khiry Starghill - ΑΨΩMan in the Dream, Sympathy's Brother
Patrick TaylorShahryar and Aziz
Erika Toderic - ΑΨΩDunyazade and Others
Rebeka Todd - ΑΨΩBride and Others
Timothy Woda - ΑΨΩBoy and Others

Crew List

Nicole Perrone - ΑΨΩDirector
Emily Pritchard - ΑΨΩComposer
Mike MurphyTechnical Director
James Morris-Smith - ΑΨΩProduction Manager
Mike MurphySet Designer
Lang ReynoldsLighting Designer
Nicole PeckensCostume Designer
Deb Carder-DeemScene Shop Supervisor
Kevin D. Bannon - ΑΨΩProduction Assistant
Jordan BeanAssistant Director
Larry LuckeyDoo - ΑΨΩAssistant Lighting Designer
Beth Wasson - ΑΨΩAssistant Costume Designer
Tyler Smith - ΑΨΩStage Manager
Dakota Croy - ΑΨΩAssistant Stage Manager
Chelsey Moore - ΑΨΩLight Board Operator
Beth Wasson - ΑΨΩLight Board Programmer
Josh Fronk - ΑΨΩElectrician
Jacinda Wallace - ΑΨΩSound Board Operator
Ruthie Stanley - ΑΨΩProps Master
Ty CookStage Operations
Devin KincaidWardrobe Head
Cassidy BeaverWardrobe
Misa EidWardrobe
Grae Greer - ΑΨΩWardrobe
Sumur NeaceWardrobe
Arwen ReedWardrobe
Bethany BarbourConstruction Crew
John BoykinConstruction Crew
Ty CookConstruction Crew
Josh Fronk - ΑΨΩConstruction Crew
Jerry HessConstruction Crew
Ruthie Stanley - ΑΨΩConstruction Crew
Dakota Croy - ΑΨΩCostume Construction Crew
Nicole PeckensCostume Construction Crew
Beth Wasson - ΑΨΩCostume Construction Crew
Adrienne Goodwin - ΑΨΩVideographer