Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Fund FAQ

Why must money be raised each year in addition to tuition?

Simply put, tuition has not kept pace with inflation over the years. In addition, because of decrease in state funding and an increase in the demands of a competitive marketplace, Marshall University must raise funds each year to maintain the high standards it places on education while remaining affordable to current and prospective students. Income from the Annual Fund and endowment bridges the gap between tuition revenue, state allocations and the operating budget.


What about the phone call I received?

In Marshall Link, a campus based telephone outreach program, Marshall students call alumni, parents, and friends to raise money for the University. Students calling from the University will clearly articulate their calling location and the purpose of their call. If you have any questions about your call, please call 304-696-6214 or use our online contact form.


What is a matching gift?

The company you work for may match your gift to a non-profit educational organization like Marshall. Matching gifts can increase the impact of your gift without decreasing the size of your wallet, and Marshall recognizes you for the full amount! If your employer matches gifts, obtain the proper form and simply return it with your contribution.

Enter your company’s name below to find out if they are a matching gifts company.



What are endowment and capital gifts?

Endowments funds are like savings accounts which generate income from the investment of the principle. A gift to an endowment is placed in a restricted account so that it may grow and spin off more and more income as years pass. The principle always remains intact.

Periodically, projects are identified that require large sums of money. Projects such as the Robert C. Byrd Biotechnology Center and the Drinko Library are just a couple examples of examples of projects funded by capital contributions.

Gifts to the endowment or a capital project are NOT gifts to the Annual Fund.


What is the difference between a gift to the University Fund and a capital and/or endowed gift?

The University Fund is used for annual expenses, and a broad range of the University’s needs. Capital and endowed gifts are for building and special projects. The University Fund helps us live and has an immediate impact on the education of current Marshall University students.  [greenline]

How do I contact the Annual Fund?

Griffin Talbott
Program Director, Annual Fund
(304) 696-6214

You can also request more information by using our online contact form.