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Principal Investigator and Director: William P. Marley, Ph.D., FACSM, FAACVPR
Medical Director: Henry Driscoll, M.D.
Coordinator: Lois E. Adkins, M.S.

Clinical Exercise Physiologist: Karri Britt, M.S.



(Left to Right)
Lois E. Adkins, M.S. and Karri Britt, M.S.

(Left to Right)
Lois E. Adkins, M.S. and William P. Marley, PhD.

Supervised Exercise


Risk Factors





Nautilus Resistance Training

Resistance training is an important part of rehabilitation therapy for cardiac, pulmonary, and diabetes patients. It promotes the development of lean muscle mass; this enhances metabolism and facilitates effective weight management. As well, such training, when combined with cardiovascular activity, helps diabetes patients to reduce insulin resistance and maintain better control of their blood glucose levels.

Patient Monitoring

Patients are monitored regularly; this includes telemetry monitoring of their electrocardiogram as well as blood pressure and blood glucose measurements. This clinical data is used for developing exercise prescriptions, nutritional counseling, and related therapeutic interventions. The data are also shared with referring physicians.

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