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On Wednesday, September 8, 2004 we elected new officers for 2004-2005 year. Congratulations and good luck to John Stonestreet (President), Olivia Sturgill (Treasurer), and Bonnie Shook (Secretary). The position of Vice-President is still open. Please send us your nominations for this position.

On Wednesday, April 28, 2004, we had the Joint Pi Mu Epsilon and the Department of Mathemtics Meeting. Congratulations to our 2004 graduating seniors and gradute students , (click to see another photo), showing off their Pi Mu Epsilon stolls and honor cords. Pi Mu Epsilon Meeting, Fall 2003 Graduating Students (from left to right): Nick Wintz, Courtney Green, Kelli Hall, Ashley Brown, Hela Masmoudi, Casey McGee, Chris Shaffer (is not on the picture) and Tessa Green (is not on the picture)
See more pictures here: Tessa Green Kelli Hall Ashley Brown Casey McGee Courtney Green Hela Masmoudi Nick Wintz

At the meeting, student awards (framed certificates with cash!) were presented by Dr. Oberste-Vorth.
Outstanding Graduating Senior (Honorable Mention)   Ashley Brown
Outstanding Graduating Senior (Honorable Mention)   Kelli Hall
Outstanding Graduating Senior (Honorable Mention)   Justin Lynd
Outstanding Graduating Senior (Honorable Mention)   BrieAnne Mauser
Outstanding Graduating Senior (Honorable Mention)   Casey McGee
Outstanding Junior Award   Bonnie Shook

Pi Mu Epsilon Meeting, Fall 2003 Awardees (from left to right): Casey McGee, Kelli Hall, Ashley Brown

We had great time playing a new game "Mystery Math Murder". Thanks to our officers Kelli Hall and Shannon Miller for the creating the game. It was fun!!!

Five Marshall students (Kelli Hall, Adicus Garton, Shannon Miller, Ashley Brown, and Mary Diley) and Dr. Dementieva attended the Ohio Sectional Annual Meeting of Mathematical Association of America (MAA) on March 26-27, 2004 at the University of Cincinnati. Although neither of the students presented on this meeting, we did have attend very interesting and sophisticating mathematical presenattions by students and faculty from other Universities. Prof. David Cusick form the Marshall University Departmeent of Mathematics presented his talk "Getting (Back?)to Normal". Two of the invited talks were really exciting. One was given by Prof. Joe Gallian of the University of Minnesota Duluth, in which he talked about breaking the code on Minnesota and other states driver's licences. Another one was given by Kevin Colligan of the National Security Agency and was about the Breaking the Enigma, German code machine during the World War II. Below are some pictures from this great trip.
Marshall Students at the University of Cincinnati
On the steps
Dr. Cusick's presentation

On Wednesday, March 10 we had the Induction Ceremony and the Game Party meeting. We had a great time welcoming new members to the club, eating delicious food, and playing interesting funny games. Hope to see everyone of you next time.

Welcome to the 7 new members, Spring 2004! The new members are Dr. Peter Saveliev, Daniel McCord, Adam Mottesheard, Christopher Shaffer, Justin Angus, Kari Adams, and Eve Marcum-Atkinson. Congratulations!!!
New members and Pi Mu Epsilon Officers (from left to right): Front row: Dr. Yulia Dementieva (PME Advisor), Kelli Hall (PME President), Shannon Miller (PME Treasurer); Back row: Courtney Green, Eve Marcum-Atkinson, Christopher Shaffer, Adam Mattesheard, Andrew Green, and Mike Pemberton (PME Secretary).
Two more new members (from left to right): Kari Adams and Dr. Peter Saveliev. On the right Dr. Ralph Oberste-Vorth (Head of Department of Mathematics).
Dr. Drost reads the Pi Mu Epsilon policies.
Shannon Miller explains to new members what symbols on Pi Mu Epsilon Emblem mean.
New members give a pledge to the Pi Mu Epsilon.
Faculty members ( Dr. Yulia Dementieva, Dr. Ralph Oberste-Vorth) and student (Elizabeth Duke) play the game "Rummikub". Dr. Saveliev on the left eats delicious pizza.

On February 4, 2004, Pi Mu Epsilon had the "Art and Crafts Evening". Thanks to our officers (Kelli Hall, Shannon Miller, Mike Pemberton, and Ashley Brown), we had plenty of supplies: color papers, wood, nails, paints, and threads. We enjoyed delicious pizza, drinks, and a beautiful atmosphere of creativity. Have a look at the beautiful mathematical designs created by students and faculty. Designs are made by:
Mike Pemberton Kelli Hall Ashley Brown Mary Dilley Elizabeth Duke Kelli Hall Kelli Hall Shannon Miller Shannon Miller Dr. Dementieva and Nick Wintz

On November 21-22, 2003, six Marshall students: Kelli Hall, Meha Darooka, Shannon Miller, Mike Pemberton, Ashley Brown, Casey McGee; and Dr. Dementieva attended the Western Kentucky University 23rd Annual Mathematical Symposium on Mathematics from Zero to Infinity: Elementary Topics which Recur in Advanced Settings. The conference was very knowledgable and we enjoyed talks given by faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students. The most exciting moment was a presentation by the invited speaker, Dr. Paul Sally Jr., University of Chicago.

On Wednesday, October 22 we had the Induction meeting and the Game Party. We had a great time welcoming new members to the club, eating delicious food, and playing interesting funny games. Hope to see everyone of you next time.

Welcome to the 12 new members, Fall 2003! The new members are Alisha VanNatter, Christi Farley, Meha Darooka, Amanda Webb, Josh Lewis, Walter Mayo, Derek Mitchell, Alfred Akinsete, Tianning Li, Andrew Green, Courtney Green, and Hela Masmoudi. Congratulations!!!

New members (from left to right): Pi Mu Epsilon Advisor Dr. Yulia Dementieva, Dr. Alfred Akinsete, Derek Mitchell, Josh Lewis, Amanda Webb, Meha Darooka, Christi Farley, and Walter Mayo.
Dr. Drostis reading the Pi Mu Epsilon policies to the new members.
Trivial Pursuit Teams: Ashley, Shannon, Casey, Mike, Erin (my guess), and Kelly.
Taboo Teams:Christi's Aunt, Dr. Dementieva's son Alex, Dr.Peter Saveliev, Dr. Cusick's daughter Kelly, Christi, Christi's Mom, and Mary.

Seven Marshall students (Kelli Hall, Adicus Garton, Shannon Miller, Mike Pemberton, Nicholas Harbour, Ashley Brown, Corey Cusick), three former Marshall students (Jason Brown, Carin Clark, Eric Stokes) and Dr. Dementieva attended the Annual Pi Mu Epsilon Meeting on the Discrete Mathematics at Miami University on October 3-4, 2003. Kelli Hall presented a wonderful research on Esher's Tilings and Ribbons that she worked on during the Summer Student Research Program at Maimi University. You can attend the Kelli's presentation on Mathematical Colloquium at 2:00 PM on Friday, October 24. Adicus Garton gave an interesting presentation on "Matrix Optics" where he showed how powerful can be mathematical knowkedge in physics. Shannon Miller gave a presentation on "The McNagget Problem" that she learned during the Game Theory Class of Dr. Drost this Summer. The talks were fantastic. Applause to Kelli, Adicus, and Shannon! It was a great time for all.

Look at some pictures from this great trip.
Cold October's morning
Marshall students at Miami University
Kelli Halls: present her talk.
Adicus Garton: present her talk.
Shannon Miller present her talk.

Old News:

Ten Marshall students and Dr. D went to the Ohio Spring Meeting of the MAA at Ohio State University, April 4-5, 2003. Kelli Hall gave a wonderful presentation on sphere packing in multiple dimensions. You can see a poster presention of her results on Sigma Xi day, 4/25, in the Science Building. Justin Lynd gave a power point presentation on 'Low order groups realizable as Galois Groups over Q', and the talk finished with the not very often seen Quaternion group. Erik Stokes gave a presentation on his Mathematica code which draws a great circle through any 2 points on the sphere and then draws a spherical triangle through 3 random points on the sphere. The talks were fantastic. Applause to Kelli, Justin, and Erik! It was a great time for all. You can see the 10 students below communing with the 'numbers'.
MAA 2003

Our meeting and game party on Tuesday, February 18, 2003, was great fun. There were subs nearly (but not quite...) as tall as Erik Stokes. VBG. Here is a big thank you to Dr. Silver and for the Game Plan Scholarship money that payed for the extra-special food that we all enjoyed. And if you are playing Trivial Pursuit, Dr. Drost is a great partner!

Welcome to the 8 new members, Spring 2003! The new members are Stephanie Ball, Mary Haupt, John Stonestreet, Drew Clark, Nick Slate, Jeff Altizer, Emily Paskell, and Erin Simmons.

During the fall of 2002, we inducted 8 new members. The new members are Adicus Garton, Yoosook Ha, Brie Mauser, Shannon Miller, Kamala Mulpuri, Lori Newhouse, Mike Pemberton, and Bonnie Shook.

October 4-5, 2002, twelve of us went to the PME conference at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Ten students and two faculty members caravaned complete with walkie-talkies to the meeting: Ashley Brown, Jason Brown, Sarah Burke, Carin Cark, Dave Flenner, Adicus Garton, Kelli Hall Casie McGee, Dywayne Nicely, Erik Stokes, Dr. Pupplo-Cody and me (Dr.D). Erik Stokes gave a presentation on his Mathematica project which shows an animation of stereographic projection. His talk got a standing ovation from the crowd. Go Erik! And thanks to Dean Bragin, the students had two very fine lunches, including the tradional end-of-the-conference Mexican splurge.

Congratulations to our 2002 graduating seniors , (click to see photo), showing off their Pi Mu Epsilon stolls and honor cords. Left to right: Adam Feldhaus, Chaz Akers, Mary Dilley, Aaron Carpenter, Donna Leslie, David DeSario.

The MAA conference at Xavier University, April 2002, was very enjoyable. Here is is a photo of all the conference participants. In the end, we had four faculty and 11 students from Marshall at the conference storming around Xavier University. Jeff Weeks gave 2 presentations on the Shape and the Topology of the Universe which were fantastic! Two students were chosen to go onstage with Jeff Weeks and play chess and tic-tac-toe in a simulated torus. Very cool. One of our students, Kelli Hall, gave a presentation, it was terrific. Congrats to Kelli! As a joke, you might try asking Dr. Dementieva about the Man on the Horse with no Head. (smile)

At our meeting on 4/10/02, student awards (framed certificates with cash!) were presented by Dr. Silver.
Outstanding Graduating Senior   David DeSario
Honorable Mention  Lyle Crum, Mary Dilley, Elizabeth Duke, and Adam Feldaus.
Student of the Year  Sarah Burke

At our meeting on 3-13-02, we inducted 21 new members.
The new members are Ashley Swartzwelder, Erik Stokes, Ann Capper, April Bailey, Edward Stowasser, Amy Christian, Will Alexander, Kenny Roy, Jason Courts, Otessa Greene, Samantha Farley, Jennifer Ferguson, Rebecca Albritton, Erica Anderson, Lew Richmond, Olivia Sturgill, Corey Cusick, Davy Harris, Will Stevens, Logan Ewald, and Daniel Hartmanstorfer.


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