What are the responsibilities of Marco?

  • MARCO will attend ALL home and some away football games and home men’s and women’s basketball contests, including home contests during University class breaks. MARCO will attend away contests as determined by the Office of University Communications.
  • MARCO will attend numerous official university functions and alumni events, such as groundbreakings, open houses, homecoming festivities, student recruitment and community events.  MARCO also will attend some private functions, such as birthday parties, as designated and approved by the Office of University Communications.
  • MARCO will conduct himself or herself in a positive manner as an official representative of Marshall University.*  The student serving as MARCO will face disciplinary action, including revocation of scholarship funds and removal as the official mascot if he or she is in violation of these guidelines or the Marshall University Student Code of Conduct.
  • MARCO is not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, allowed to participate in an endorsement of any corporation or commercial product. As MARCO you can ONLY take part in media campaigns and appearances approved by Marshall University and the Office of University Communications.  Certain not-for-profit functions and organizations may be permitted, but only if approved in advance through the Office of University Communications.
  • While in uniform, as MARCO, you WILL NOT consume alcoholic beverages. MARCO WILL NOT consume alcoholic beverages during any event sponsored by Marshall University or with which the University is associated.  MARCO WILL NOT consume alcohol while in costume prior to, during, or after any athletic contest. MARCO WILL NOT consume alcoholic beverages while traveling in any University vehicles, including University buses and vans.
  • The student serving as MARCO, if of legal age for consumption of alcoholic beverages, will limit his or her consumption of alcohol while out of uniform. He or she WILL NOT engage in any form of public intoxication.
  • While in uniform, MARCO WILL NOT use tobacco products. MARCO WILL NOT use tobacco products while traveling in University vehicles, including University buses and vans.
  • As MARCO, one is NOT ALLOWED to accept money or gifts for appearances. He/She can only accept reasonable reimbursement for travel expenses as approved by the Office of University Communications.
  • MARCO should check his/her campus e-mail on a daily basis and otherwise be available for calls on a regular basis through mobile phone.
  • If for some reason one cannot attend an event as requested, ample notice must be given to the Office of University Communications.
  • The student portraying MARCO may be under circumstances where the temperature may fluctuate. The student will be responsible for taking adequate breaks and staying hydrated.
  • The MARCO uniform may not be used for anything other than assigned tasks.
  • MARCO may only engage in social media through official channels authorized by the Office of University Communications. While the student portraying MARCO may have his or her own social media accounts, he or she may not participate in social media on those accounts as “MARCO.”
  • MARCO must never take, or post, pictures in partial uniform; he is also not to be seen in public in partial uniform or altered uniform.


Eligibility requirements to be MARCO:

  • Must be a Marshall University Student.
  • Must currently have and maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.
  • Must be of sound health and mind. MARCO may be required to pass a physical fitness exam and cannot have any health issues that could be further exacerbated through the performance of the MARCO character.
  • Must be covered by a personal medical insurance plan and a automobile insurance plan.
  • Must successfully pass a criminal background check.
  • Must be able to commit a considerable amount of time and energy to portraying MARCO. Schedule flexibility is a must.



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