Welcome to our Marshall University family! We understand that you want to be informed and involved as your child embarks on the college journey.  We are working to provide the information and resources you need for a rewarding educational experience for the entire family.


The schedule for the Yeager Airport Shuttle for the 2013-2014 academic year is available.  Click here to see the schedule and get more information!

October 5, 2013: Thanks to all the amazing families who joined us for Parent & Family Weekend 2013! We had a blast!  GO HERD!

June 14, 2013: The Marshall University Family Guide for families of new students is now live. Please click on the image below for the guide that includes valuable information such as academic resources, student services, student activities, university lingo and more!


July 30, 2012: Check out our new AlcoholEDU Program, just for parents!  You can click here to read more about it!

March 6, 2012: Remember to LIKE us on Facebook to get real-time updates on Parent Programs at Marshall University!