Important Information Regarding Students Currently Living in Residence Halls

March 23 Update

As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic across our nation and throughout the state, we wanted to update you on what all is happening within Housing and Residence Life. Please read the following information carefully and let us know if you have any questions. Governor Justice implemented a Stay At Home order beginning Tuesday, March 24th as of 8 pm.  Due to this order, Housing and Residence Life will be suspending all checkouts (scheduled or not scheduled) after that time.

If you are currently off campus, please do not return to campus unless you have a check out appointment or have been approved for extended stay housing.  If you signed up to return when the initial break stay list was sent out two weeks ago, you must now complete one of the two steps listed above.  Residence hall access has been removed for all students except for the students who are currently on campus and have completed the daily wellness checks.  Students will not be permitted to stay in the halls and access will not be added back for students unless they are approved for extended stay until the end of the semester.

Residence Hall Move Out

Governor Justice implemented a Stay At Home order beginning Tuesday, March 24th as of 8 pm.  Due to this order, Housing and Residence Life is suspending all checkouts after that time. If you have a check out time scheduled for the remainder of today or tomorrow (Tuesday, March 24th), you are still permitted to move out during that time.

If you have not yet moved out of your room and do not have an appointment for tomorrow, we will keep your belongings secure in your room until the pandemic is over and the Stay at Home order is lifted.  At that time, we will contact all students who have not checked out with move out information.

Checkout appointment times will be strictly enforced.  Please do not arrive at a time when you have not scheduled to do so and plan to move out in the time frame allotted.  If you experience delays due to travel or unexpected circumstances, please contact your Area Coordinator.  At this time, students will not be permitted to stay overnight in their rooms during this process.

When you arrive on campus to move out, we ask that you observe appropriate social distancing by leaving six (6) feet between you and others you may encounter.  Due to this, please be patient and allow space when using/waiting for elevators.  In an effort to minimize exposure in the residence halls, only one person is permitted into the hall with the student to assist with moving items.  We ask that others remain outside of the building at the car.

Please make sure to pick up any mail or packages you may have before you leave campus.  Also, do not forget to forward any mail or packages to your summer address.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding with this process.  Resident Assistants are not required to work during this time, so we are functioning with a limited staff.

Extended Stay Housing

For students who are not able to return home for the remainder of the semester due to extenuating circumstances, we do have limited extended stay housing available.  Students who request and are approved to stay for the remainder of the semester must fill out the request form at: https://marshall.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_55r8SLEl4ioM1HT .  Extended stay housing is designed for students who need to remain on campus until the end of the semester due to extenuating circumstances.  This housing is not designed for students who prefer to remain at Marshall or would like to come back to stay for a few days.

Due to the overwhelming number of requests that we have received from students requesting to remain on campus, the completion deadline for this form has been changed to March 24th at 5pm.  All students who have completed this form will receive a phone call from a university staff member to discuss your request with you.  If you have completed this form, please answer the call. If you are unable to, please contact the staff member back as soon as possible.  If we do not hear back from you, your request to remain on campus may not be approved.

Please note that any student requesting to stay in extended stay housing that has left campus will be required to go through a health screening before they are permitted to return to campus.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we navigate this unprecedented situation.  We want to ensure that we are protecting the health and safety of you, your family, and others in the Marshall Community.

March 22 Update

We would like to provide you with the following status update regarding the planned move out over the next two weeks. When we first posted the sign-up roster for coming to campus, things were not as advanced as they are now.  The situation in West Virginia is beginning to worsen.

Governor Jim Justice addressed the state Saturday night and advised citizens to avoid unnecessary contact and to take steps to stay home when possible.  We are worried that your presence on the campus could be a danger to you and the personnel at Marshall in terms of increased risk of exposure to COVID-19.  If you can avoid coming to campus to move out, we can keep your belongings secure in your room until the pandemic is over.  We are concerned for your safety and do not want to put you or your family unnecessarily at risk.

Please email housing@marshall.edu, with the student’s name and building, if you still need to come to campus to retrieve your belongings and you may keep your check out appointment.


All students living in university housing will be encouraged to return for the remainder of the semester to their permanent home residences or alternative housing arrangement. This does not pertain to The Landing Graduate Housing apartments.

Marshall University understands that some students may have specific circumstances which require special attention.  The university is committed to working with students to assist them when possible.  Students who are unable to return to their permanent residence or an alternative housing arrangement by Friday, April 3rd – or are in need of a general exemption- can access the Housing Extended Stay Request at: https://marshall.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_55r8SLEl4ioM1HT.  This form must be completed by Friday, March 24th at 5pm.

Students who need to continue to stay in the residence halls will be reassigned to a Twin Towers East single room beginning April 6th.  Billing for those students will be updated to reflect the Twin Towers East Double rate.

Please note that if you are not able to move your items out until the week of April 26th to May 1st, but do not have an extenuating circumstance which would require you to live on campus, you do not need to fill out the Extended Stay Housing Request.  The form is only for students who will require a room on campus to live in for the remainder of the semester.

Residential students who are currently away on spring break, should not return directly back to their residence halls without either scheduling a checkout time or receiving an approval for extended stay housing.

Please make sure to start sending all of your packages to your permanent home residence or alternative housing arrangement.

Move Out Instructions

  • If you are currently on-campus, you do not need to sign-up for a check-out time. You should begin moving out as soon as possible and will need to complete your move-out by April 3rd.
  • Move your belongings out of your residence hall room. (Bring your own packing and moving supplies)
  • Complete the express check-out form/envelope located at your front desk and secure your keys inside.
  • For First Year North and South, the front desk at your building will provide you the envelope.
    • Drop your key at the front desk for your residence hall (All Commons residence halls will return their keys to the Gibson Hall Front Desk).
    • When dropping off your key, please place it in one of the provided key envelopes and include your name and room number.
    • There will be no room inspections upon check-out. However, egregious or intentional damages to the room may be charged to the resident.
  • If you have already moved all of your belongings out and do not need to return to campus, but you did not turn in your room key before leaving campus, you can send the key via registered mail or other shipping companies like FedEx or UPS. Please include a note with your name, student ID#, building and room number. Because normal envelopes tear in transit, keys should be taped to a piece of paper and wrapped in 1-2 sheets of paper before being placed in the envelope. Send to:

Housing and Residence Life
Marshall University
One John Marshall Drive
Huntington, WV 25755