Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to live on campus?
Can I choose where I want to live?
How do I apply to live on campus?
Do I get to pick my roommate?
What can I bring with me to campus?
Can I get a private/single room?
How do I receive mail?
Can I move out anytime I want?
Can I be a part-time student and live on campus?
Do you have to be a certain age to live in the residence halls?
What if I need to switch rooms or change roommates after I move in?
Are the halls open during vacation periods & holidays?
Can I leave my stuff in my room over holiday break periods? Over the summer?
What if I am unable to attend Marshall or live on campus?
Which residence halls are for freshmen?
Which residence halls are co-ed?
Is there wireless internet connectivity in my hall?
Are there kitchens and laundry facilities in every residence hall?
Where do I park?
What about refrigerators, microwaves, or carpet?
How safe are the halls?
Are portable air conditioners allowed?
Are pets allowed?
Am I required to have a meal plan?
Is alcohol allowed in the residence halls?
Is smoking allowed in the residence halls?
Am I allowed to decorate my room? Paint my room?