Frequently Asked Questions

All freshmen and sophomores who are under the age of 21 are required to live on campus. Limited exemptions are granted for specific reasons through an application to the Director of Housing and Residence Life. For more information on the residency requirement click here.
All students can indicate a preferred residence hall and room type. Every effort is made to meet these preferences. If a student is not placed in the hall of first preference or the desired room type, their name is placed on a waiting list for the requested room, and they will be contacted when their name is reached on the waiting list.
Simply go to the Housing and Residence Life website and apply online at and complete and submit the form. A $200 deposit is required with your housing contract.
If you know someone you would like to room with, indicate their information on your housing application preference. Every effort is made to accommodate roommate requests if applications are received in a timely fashion and space permits.
Click here for a printable list of items you will want to bring to campus, as well as prohibited items.
Single rooms are assigned based on availability for returning students. Single rooms are only available to incoming freshmen students who have a medical necessity. Any student who wants a single room but is not assigned one in the initial assignment process will have their name placed on a single room waiting list for the hall of their first preference. These lists will stay in effect for the academic year.
Each resident is assigned a mailbox within their residence hall. Each hall has its own unique address. Click here to find residence hall addresses.
You may move from one room to another at any point in the semester as long as we have space available and you have permission from the Housing Assignment’s Office. If you wish to move off campus before the end of your contract period, penalties will apply.
You must receive permission by submitting a letter detailing why you are part-time or why you are dropping below full-time. Permissions are granted on case by case scenario. Your judicial record with the university will affect your request.
All full time students are permitted to live in the residence halls.
The Department of Housing and Residence Life works with students to assist them in making room changes. See your Residence Director for moves within the building. Contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life central office for moves to another hall, or to change from one room type (single or double room) to another.
Select halls are open for holidays and vacation periods. Check the university calendar for specific dates of break periods. Students who need to stay at Marshall University for work, athletics, academics, or due to distance from home, etc., will be required to submit a break housing application and will be given a break housing assignment. Click here for information about break housing.
During the academic year, students may leave their items in their individual rooms during holiday breaks (including between fall and spring semester if you plan to return). Over the summer all belongings must be removed from the room before moving out and the room returned to its original condition. Any student belongings left in the room will be removed and disposed of after 30 days. The Department of Housing and Residence Life assumes no responsibility for items left in the halls, so residents are encouraged to take any valuables home during school breaks.
Requests for withdrawal from MU or on-campus housing should be addressed in writing to the Department of Housing and Residence Life. Refunds, if applicable, will be based upon the date cancellations are received. In order to receive a $100 refund of your deposit, fall cancellations must be received in writing before May 15 and spring cancellations must be received in writing 30 days or more prior to the official opening date of housing.
FY North, FY South, Twin Towers East, and Buskirk Hall
All of our halls are co-ed except for Buskirk Hall, which is all female.
Yes. Wireless Internet connectivity is available in all residence halls.
Kitchens are provided in all residence halls excluding FY North and FY South. Laundry facilities are provided in all residence halls.
Parking permits can be obtained from the MU Parking office and paid for at the Bursar office. Click here for more details.
Not all rooms in residence halls are carpeted. You may bring your own rug/carpet. Microwaves under 700 watts (1 per room/suite) and refrigerators no larger than 2.5 amps are permitted. Hot plates, George Foreman grills, toasters, or other appliances with large heating elements are not permitted in the residence halls.
Marshall University and the Department of Housing and Residence Life work extensively to provide maximum safety for all of the halls. All residence halls are equipped with cameras, professional and student live-in staff, security services and the on-campus MU Police Department.
No. All residence halls have air conditioning EXCEPT Holderby Hall.
Pets are prohibited in all of the residence halls. The only exception for all of the above is for fish in 10 gallon aquariums or smaller.
All students living in the residence halls are required to have a meal plan. The various meal plans can be seen on the Sodexo website. Click here for more information.
No. Students living on campus may not consume alcohol in the residence halls.
Smoking is not permitted in rooms or any other areas in the residence halls.
You may decorate your room anyway you like as long as the decorations are not permanent. Painting of student rooms is permitted in Buskirk, Twin Towers East, Twin Towers West, and Holderby upon approval from Housing and Residence Life and paying a fee of $150. The request can be found here.