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Leadership Opportunities

Each year the Division of Student Affairs presents awards to outstanding members of the Marshall University student community. These awards recognize the students’ contribution to the university in leadership roles and in service to the university and the community. There are also two awards that recognize the outstanding contributions of faculty or staff members in their role as advisor to a student organization. A complete description of all awards can be found below.

Individual Leadership Awards

Outstanding Leader Award:
Presented to the student who has brought honor and prestige to Marshall University through selfless acts of leadership.  This individual will have demonstrated a commitment to individual leadership, while displaying an overarching dedication to the campus community.

Outstanding Service to Marshall University: 
This award recognizes a student who has shown outstanding leadership during his or her Marshall University experience. Through innovation, motivation, initiative, and perseverance this person will have demonstrated a commitment to creating positive change in our campus community.  This student will also have an outstanding academic record.

Dean’s Award: 
This award will honor the student who has made significant contributions to enhance the student experience at Marshall University.  The Dean’s Award values high academic accomplishments, service on University committees, participation and leadership of University events, public speaking on behalf of the University, and other related accomplishments

The Fraternity & Sorority Life Leader/Scholar Award
Leader/Scholar Award is given in recognition of a Fraternity and Sorority member for academic excellence, outstanding leadership, and demonstrated ethical decision-making.

Leader in Diversity Contributions:
This award recognizes the student who exemplifies the ideal of campus diversity through their actions, an affiliation with organizations that promote diversity education, and/or contribute to implementing events promoting diversity.

Freshman Leadership Award:
The Freshman Leadership Award recognizes a first-year student who has taken the initiative to get involved in student organizations at Marshall University, even while he or she is adjusting to new surroundings.  This student has shown potential as a leader and potential for future contributions to campus life at Marshall University.

Sophomore Leadership Award:
The Sophomore Leadership Award recognizes a second-year student who has taken the initiative to get involved in student organizations at Marshall University, even while he or she is adjusting to new surroundings.  This student has shown continued potential as a leader and potential for future contributions to campus life at Marshall University.

Senior Leadership Award:
This award recognizes the involvement and accomplishments of our outstanding senior leaders. As seniors, they have not only demonstrated their commitment to enhancing the quality of life on Marshall’s campus, but have also shown outstanding potential for future achievement as they prepare to enter a new phase in their lives.

Graduate Leadership Award:
This award recognizes graduate students who are involved on campus despite the graduate level courses, professional commitments, and/or family responsibilities. The award recipients have exceeded in demonstrating their involvement and balance between work, school, and life.

Who’s Who Among American Colleges and Universities:

Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges is a national college student recognition program in the United States of America. It has been compiling its list since 1934. Participants include 2,842 tertiary institutions across 50 states and the District of Columbia. It produces an annual Who’s Who in list which is an academic publication that compiles a list of outstanding students in the United States. Students are honored based on outstanding campus leadership, scholastic ability (includes a GPA requirement), leadership on and off campus, and community service. The program was designed to ensure academic recognition regardless of a student’s financial ability to participate.

Student Organization Awards

Most Outstanding New Student Organization:
Given to a newly formed organization in recognition of outstanding contributions to the Marshall University campus and student body. This organization will have addressed a need or community issue that had not previously been supported. Creativity, innovation, and sustainability in programming exemplify this organization.

Outstanding RSO Service Award:
This award honors the club or organization that has made sustained contributions to Marshall University and the city of Huntington in the area of community service.  By providing programs and/or other opportunities for students to get involved, this club or organization will have shown dedication to selfless service and civic responsibility.

Club/Organization Advisor of the Year Award:
This award honors the student organization advisor who has demonstrated extraordinary time and service to the advisor’s student organization. The selected individual demonstrates a high level of commitment to the organization they advise, and they play a central role in assisting our student leaders to reach their highest potential.

Outstanding New Member: 
The student receiving this award is a new member to a student organization who has contributed outstanding ideas and service to that organization  and has had a positive influence on the group.  This individual will have a demonstrated dedication to organizing events/activities and will have actively worked to improve Marshall University

Student Club/Organization of the Year:
This award recognizes a club or organization who has continually made significant contributions to its own membership, the student body, and the Marshall University community through programming, educational opportunities, and/or service projects.

President of the Year Award:
This award is given to a president of a recognized student organization who demonstrates exemplary leadership and has a positive influence on, not only the membership of his/her club or organization, but the campus as a whole.

Community Service Club of the Year Award:
This award is given to a student organization whose mission is based on the tenant of community service.  Continually, this club selflessly gives time and energy to service projects throughout the academic year.

Most Improved Club/Organization Award:
This award is given to the student club or organization that has shown significant improvement and increased contributions to the Marshall community.  This may be demonstrated by increase in membership, offered programs, or quality of contribution.

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