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Centennial of Negro History Week/Black History Month
Celebrating an American Milestone

In a groundbreaking initiative to honor and rediscover a rich history, Marshall University, in collaboration with its co-sponsors, the City of Huntington and Marshall Health Network, proudly announces the commemoration of a great epoch in the American story – the centennial of Negro History Week/Black History Month.

The centerpiece of the centennial is an Online Black History Courses Program of entry-level, non-credit courses – much like Dr. Woodson’s Home Study Department, which offered the public correspondence courses on Black History in various disciplines. The courses were directed toward people who had learned little about this history during their school years.

Academics and members of the public are encouraged to submit course proposals for this historic endeavor. When operational, the program will provide instruction to all people, everywhere – including students in schools and adults who are simply interested in learning more history.

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