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High school students can earn college credit and gain course experience through dual enrollment options.  Dual enrollment means that qualified  high school students can be concurrently enrolled in college courses at a reduced rate.  Dual credit courses taken in the high school will count toward both high school and college credit. Marshall’s online courses count for college credit; however, some high schools may allow our online courses to count for high school credit.

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Dual Credit Courses
Students take courses with other high school students and a qualified high school teacher or Marshall faculty member. These courses are taken in the high school setting.
Online College Courses
Students enroll in a Marshall online course and complete the online course with college students and Marshall faculty.
On-Campus Courses
Qualified early entry students who live near one of our campuses can also attend regular college classes in our classrooms.

We want students to be successful. Get ready, get organized, and get focused.  Once college credit is earned, the grade stays on your transcript throughout your academic career.

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Marshall University’s academic programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).