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Can a high school freshman or sophomore take Marshall University courses?

We recommend that high school juniors and seniors participate in this program, but talented freshmen and sophomores are able to apply and participate, as long as they meet the Early Admission requirements.

When high school students have been accepted, how do they register for courses?

All information for registering for an online college or dual credit course can be found on our How to Register page.

How many courses can a high school student take during the early admission period?

Early admission high school students should consider their personal schedules, extracurricular activities, and school schedule prior to committing to an online or dual credit course. High school students typically should not take more than two college courses per college term. These can be two online courses, two dual credit courses, or a combination of both.  Exceptions may apply depending upon individual circumstances.

Marshall University courses run as 14- or 15-week semesters during both the fall and Spring terms. Summer terms vary in length according to term. View the Academic Calendar for more information on start and end term dates.

Can a student complete a dual credit and online college course at the same time?

Yes! Highly-motivated students who are excelling academically are able to enroll in a dual credit and an online college course.  (See response above.)

Is financial aid available for high school students?

Federal and institutional financial aid is not available to high school students. The fee for tuition is reduced to $25 per credit hour for online and dual credit courses. Ask your local school system if they provide tuition assistance – some counties do.

Male student skateboarding wearing blue jeans and a green MU shirtAre enrollment deposits required for early admission students?

Enrollment deposits are not required for online college courses or dual credit courses for high school students. Enrollment deposits are for fully-admitted Marshall students who are prepared to start their first term as a college student after high school graduation.

Can a student still register for a university summer course that is occurring the summer after they graduate from high school?

Early entry students can still qualify for the reduced tuition rate for any summer course that begins prior to your official high school graduation date. For any summer term that begins after the high school graduation date, students will need to apply for regular freshman admission.  If already admitted as an incoming freshman for an upcoming fall semester, students can contact the Office of Admissions to request to begin during a summer term after graduation.

Are these courses transferable to other universities?

Marshall University is a regionally accredited university and all university courses are transferable; however, acceptance of a college transfer depends on the university or college you are planning to attend. To determine whether or not Marshall credits will transfer toward degree credits at another college or university, you must contact the Admissions Office of the university you wish to attend. Each institution has their own criteria for determining transfer equivalencies.

Most Marshall courses will count toward Marshall degree programs, giving students a great start to their college and professional experiences!  For specific Marshall University degree requirements, you can view our academic maps (a guide to degree requirements for each individual degree program).

What are the computer and internet requirements for completing online courses?

The Office of Information Technology has technology recommendations for all students. The following is the most basic technology the student should have, or have adequate access to, in order to complete online courses:

  • A desktop computer or laptop computer (can be PC or Mac) with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser. Students should not complete coursework on a mobile device such as their phone or a tablet.
  • Access to high-speed internet. A wired connection from the modem to the computer is preferred. High-speed WiFi access is okay as long as this service is able to handle streaming video in your household, or where the student will participate in courses. The number of devices that are streaming via your household internet service should be taken into consideration as a student completes coursework online.
  • A webcam, mic, and headset or earbuds. This can be a variety of options, as most laptops already come with a built-in webcam. Many earbuds or headsets already have built-in microphones as well.
  • Access to Microsoft Office software: all Marshall students have access to Office 365 suite of tools. Office 365 is also how Marshall students access their Marshall email. If you currently do not have Microsoft Word, Excel, and/or PowerPoint downloaded on your device, you will have free access to this software as a Marshall student.
    Office 365 Information for Marshall Students

How do I access my course?

Accessing Classes on Blackboard

Students will not have access to Blackboard and their courses until the first day of the term (the first Monday the new term begins). The easiest way to access Blackboard is by logging in through MyMU, the student portal you will use to access multiple student services during your time at Marshall.

The first time you want to login:

  1. Navigate to mymu.marshall.edu. You will need to have your MUID available (starts with #90xxxxxxx).
  2. Under the Sign In button, click First Time Users.
  3. Enter your full, legal, first and last name. Then enter your date of birth. Finally, provide the last 4 digits of your MUID.
  4. Check the reCAPTCHA box under “Are you human?”
  5. Click Next.

The Account Activation service will provide you with your MUNet and password. The MUNet account is the account you will use to login to all IT services at Marshall, including access to computers, internet, email, and services, such as MyMU. The MUNet username is typically your last name, followed by numbers (Adkins999, for example). Do not share your login information with anyone.

Once you have activated your account, return to mymu.marshall.edu and login using your MUNet username and password. Once you are logged in, click the Blackboard icon on the top left of your browser screen, located in the Quick Links module. This directs you straight into Blackboard.

To access your courses, click Courses on the left side menu. Again, you will not see any courses listed until the first day of the term. To access the course, just click on the name of the course and a new screen will slide out and overlay on top of your current screen. If you click the “X” on the top corner of the course, the course overlay will close and you will be taken back to the main course menu. To navigate, navigate by clicking the links and using the course menu on the left side of the course.

If you have trouble with your login information, or accessing any services off-campus, such as Microsoft 365, contact the IT Service Desk.  You can call the Service Desk at 304-696-3200, email at itservicedesk@marshall.edu, or chat.

If you have trouble navigating Blackboard, or have a question about the course, ask the instructor first. If you are having issues accessing a graded activity, email your instructor and describe the issue, then email onlinelearning@marshall.edu. List your course name and section, instructor, your issue, and the location of the issue in the course.

Please see our Dual Enrollment IT Guide.