Marshall Rises
The Marshall Rises comprehensive campaign encourages us to become a part of something greater than ourselves.

Leading the Future

We want Marshall University to rise to a level of eminence in the state and across the U.S.

In order to do this, we need your support.

Marshall Rises
Awarded in student aid each year
New academic programs added over the last 10 years
Of students at Marshall receive scholarships
in total research funding in 2018-19

How Marshall Rises

Since 1837, Marshall University has been considered an institution of innovation and discovery. Game-changers and dream-makers alike have looked to our university to change their lives for the better. We need your help to keep this momentum going.

When students are looking for a one-of-a-kind college experience, Marshall Rises. When professors seek opportunities to conduct cutting-edge research, Marshall Rises. When the state of West Virginia turns to us for experts within our university community, Marshall Rises. When those thirsty for knowledge are given the chance to explore every facet of their field and beyond, Marshall Rises. When these elements of education come together, it’s easy to see why Marshall Rises.

We want to keep rising. We want the Marshall University legacy to ascend to the next level. To accomplish this, we’ve established five pillars of progress, which need your support.

The Five Pillars

These five pillars of progress will ensure our students will graduate from one of the nation's most distinguished and dynamic universities.

Enhancing the Student Experience

When we say Enhancing the Student Experience, we mean creating more need-based and merit-based scholarships.

In the summer of 2018, Eleni Shea traveled across the world to provide speech-language services to children in Uganda.

Eleni's Story
Expanding Academics and Growing Our Reputation

When we say Expanding Academics and Growing Our Reputation, we mean more endowed professorships, professional development funds, and more support for academic programs.

For three years, Professor Uday Tate has been awarded an endowed professorship through the Lewis College of Business.

Uday's Story
Creating an Environment of Innovative Learning

When we say Creating an Environment of Innovative Learning, we mean new and renovated academic spaces like a new business school and athletic facilities like a new baseball stadium.

As a student with a learning disorder in reading and word processing, Jake Gressang was searching for a university that would help him to succeed.

Jake's Story
Forming a Foundation of Research and Creative Discovery

When we say Forming a Foundation of Research and Creative Discovery, we mean more funds for faculty and undergraduate research and the arts.

In October 2016, Marshall University announced the formation of a university-wide substance use recovery coalition, with at least 10 academic departments and programs working together in various ways to fight against addiction.

Amy's Story
Deepening Community Partnerships

And when we say Deepening Community Partnerships and Engagement, we mean more corporate support and recovery outreach with the opioid epidemic.

Dr. C. Damien Arthur is leading the way for all hardworking West Virginians. As an assistant professor of public administration and policy at Marshall, Dr. Arthur serves as the program director for the newly established West Virginia Center for Consumer Law and Education.

Damien's Story

What Your Support Means to Us

Over the past decade, you have helped Marshall University rise to the next level.

With nearly two dozen new programs, including two new doctoral degrees, you have expanded what we can offer our campus community. You have funded academic and merit-based scholarships, which reward our students’ academic success. You’ve given us the chance to create professorships to recruit and retain talented faculty, which also has allowed for more research opportunities. You’ve partnered with us to provide student internships and research collaborations, and with both of those, we’ve received your valuable feedback.

In every way, you’ve helped Marshall rise to a new era. We’ve heard your visions and desires for Marshall to become a nationally recognized leader of many programs, including those in business programs. We’ve heard your pleas for more research funding, particularly in areas that drastically affect our community, state, and region. We’ve heard your ideas for new athletic facilities and student-centered learning spaces. We’ve heard you, and now it’s time to prepare.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marshall Rises is the university’s most ambitious comprehensive campaign. We are working closely with our alumni and friends to ensure Marshall rises to the next level for the betterment of our students, faculty, staff, region and state. We are relying on our alumni and friends who support the work of Marshall University to lead us further than we’ve ever gone before.

You can give various ways. Gifts or pledges can be made online. Planned gifts can be made by contacting the Office of Planned Giving at 866-308-1346.

Yes. Your gift will be designated into the specific fund of your choice at the Marshall University Foundation, Inc., which maintains a 501(c)3 status. Gifts are considered tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. All donors will receive a receipt.

Yes. If you are currently giving, your gift counts toward the campaign. You are encouraged to consider making an additional investment in one of the featured pillars to improve educational access or provide an increased revenue stream to meet our greatest needs. Whatever you decide to do will be gratefully received and deeply appreciated.

No. We encourage individuals to give serious consideration to non-cash gifts such as annuities, stocks, bonds, land, real estate, trusts, retirement funds no longer needed, in-kind gifts, etc. We urge you to discuss these gifts with your tax, financial and legal advisors and with the Marshall University Foundation staff. Together you can determine the kind of gift which best suits your personal circumstances and be of maximum benefit to Marshall University and its students. For more information, please call Scott Anderson at 304-696-3388 or email at

Any amount is welcome. Giving is a very personal matter and no one should over extend themselves through donations.

Yes, we will honor your wishes. We do encourage you to accept the appropriate recognition because it often helps other donors know that a wide variety of individuals are committed to making a difference at Marshall University.

Please contact the Marshall University Foundation at 866-308-1346 or by emailing

Because you are changing lives, we are on the Rise!