Mission, Vision and Creed


Marshall University is a public comprehensive university with a rich history as one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in West Virginia. Founded in 1837 and named after Chief Justice John Marshall, definer of the Constitution, Marshall University advances the public good through innovative, accredited educational programs. Marshall University’s mission, inspired by our Vision and Creed, includes a commitment to:

  • Offer a wide range of high quality, affordable, and accessible undergraduate, graduate, and professional education that prepares students to think, learn, work, and live in an evolving global society.

  • Create opportunities and experiences to foster understanding and appreciation of the rich diversity of thought and culture.

  • Maintain a dynamic intellectual, artistic, and cultural life by promoting and supporting research and creative activities by undergraduates, graduates, and faculty.

  • Contribute to the quality of life of the community, region, and beyond through applied research, economic development, health care, and cultural enrichment.

  • Cultivate the development of an inclusive, just, and equitable community.


The vision of Marshall University:  To inspire learning and creativity that ignites the mind, nurtures the spirit, and fulfills the promise of a better future.


. . . we, the students, faculty, and staff of Marshall University, pledge to pursue the development of our intellects and the expansion of knowledge, and to devote ourselves to defending individual rights and exercising civic responsibility. We strive to exemplify in our own lives the core values of independence, initiative, achievement, ethical integrity, and commitment to community through association and service. As Marshall University, we form a community that promotes educational goals and that allows individuals maximum opportunity to pursue those goals.

We are

  • An Educational Community in which all members work together to promote and strengthen teaching and learning;
  • An Open Community uncompromisingly protecting freedom of thought, belief and expression;
  • A Civil Community treating all individuals and groups with consideration, decency, and respect, and expressing disagreements in rational ways;
  • A Responsible Community accepting obligations and following behavioral guidelines designed to support the common good;
  • A Safe Community respecting each other’s rights, privacy and property;
  • A Well Community respecting and promoting physical and emotional health;
  • An Ethical Community reflecting honesty, integrity and fairness in both academic and extracurricular activities;
  • A Pluralistic Community celebrating and learning from our diversity;
  • A Socially Conscious Community acting as citizens of the world and seeking to contribute to the betterment of people and their environments; and
  • A Judicious Community remaining alert to the threats posed by hatred, intolerance and other injustices and ever prepared to correct them.

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