Below you will find any form that your organization may need to fill out and/or operate for the school year.

FYI – Forms will be moving to HerdLink.

Form Purpose Form (in PDF unless otherwise notated) Required?
 Add/Drop Member Form  Add Drop Form  Yes
 Authority to View Student Records  Authority to View Student Records Form  Yes – to view records
 Group Responsibility  Group Responsibility Form  N/A
 Intent to From New RSO  Intent to Form  Yes
 Organization Recognition Form  Organization Registration Form  Yes – in order to be recognized by University
 Petition for Fundraising  Petition for Fundraising Form  Yes – in order to fundraise
 Standards, Conduct & Sanctions  Standards and Conduct Form  N/a
 Step by Step Instructions for EIN Number  Step by Step EIN (word document)
 Yes – to be recognized by the University
 Organization Registration Form  Organization Registration Form (word document)
 Yes – to be recognized by the University


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