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The Top Reasons to Live on Campus

Choosing to live on campus can ease the transition to college life. Living on campus means you will be more plugged-in to the campus community and have more opportunities to join clubs, attend campus events, meet new people and develop friendships.

Living on campus provides students with a unique living experience. Here are our Top Ten reasons to live on campus!

1-1 Live Smart. Research shows that students who live on campus have higher GPAs.
2 Live Close. Roll out of bed and get to class in 10 minutes! Don’t worry about finding a place to park. You are right next to the library, dining halls, MSC.
3 Live Wireless. Students who live on campus have access to cable TV, computer labs and high speed wireless connectivity.
4 Live Secure. Marshall University makes the safety of its residents a top priority. Front desks are staffed 24-hours a day, and trained staff are always available.
5 Live in a Community. Students who live on campus interact with students from other countries around the world. Friendships formed during college last a lifetime.
6 Leadership opportunities. By living on campus, students are more likely to get involved in student organizations, leadership skills that look great on a résumé.
7 Live Cheaper. The cost of living on campus is less than living off campus. Campus housing includes not only the cost of your room but utilities, cable television, high speed internet, 24-hour maintenance, and free newspapers.
8 Live Connected. Campus residents have a stronger connection to the campus community. Because they are living in the center of all the action.
9 Live Fun! Living in the residence halls is a fun experience. Social and educational activities are available for residents to enjoy.
10 Live Marshall! Experience the complete package of college life at Marshall by showing your Herd pride. Make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.