Merit Based Scholarships

In response to COVID-19 Marshall University announced lower minimum grade-point-average requirements for merit-based scholarship renewals in an effort to help its students and families. For currently enrolled freshman students receiving merit scholarships, the renewal GPA will change from a 2.75 overall GPA to a 2.5 overall GPA. For other continuing undergraduate students, the renewal GPA will change from a 3.0 overall GPA to a 2.75 overall GPA. Students still will be required to earn 30 credit hours per academic year, but they will have the summer to make up any deficiencies.

Marshall University offers a variety of merit-based scholarships to incoming freshman who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, with automatic consideration at the time of admission.

Most merit-based scholarship programs require that you be enrolled full time, maintain a minimum GPA, and complete 30 credit hours each academic year. Most scholarships are renewable, but some are not. Be sure to read Important Information About Merit Scholarships for deadlines and additional detail on the terms and conditions.

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Private Scholarships

Marshall University has a number of endowed and annual scholarships that have been established through the Marshall University Foundation by individuals who care deeply about Marshall University and our students. Many students are selected to receive endowed and annual scholarship awards by committees from departments and colleges, while others are selected by staff from the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

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Additional Scholarship Information

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