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The H.E.L.P center offers a full battery of comprehensive psycho-educational tests to determine if a child, adolescent, or adult has learning and/or attention deficits, the nature of the deficits, how they affect learning, and what types of instructional methods might be most effective.   The team of professional experts at the H.E.L.P. center can identify Specific Learning Disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders in individuals from 6 years of age to adults. 

A full assessment battery is customized for each individual client, and may take from 5 hours to 2 full days. Standardized tests, assessing academic achievements, language skills, perception, and intelligence/cognitive functioning are used. In addition, interviews, observations, and history are used to define an individual’s specific difficulty.

Following the testing procedure a conference is scheduled to discuss the written evaluation and assist families in understanding any problems that are found.  The written evaluation will encompass the individual’s cognitive and academic strengths and limitations.  Guidance for optimizing potential is made available, such as community recommendations, informative literature, educational accommodations, and resources. Our assessment professionals will offer commentary and conclusions. We help them discover new ways of learning.

Key Benefits

  • Assessment to determine cognitive potential
  • Identification of Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Assessment of attention/concentration, hyperactivity, impulsivity
  • Provide recommendations and strategies
  • Counsel and guidance provided for parents