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    Welcome to the Marshall University Medical H.E.L.P. Program

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    All students meet one-on-one with instructors to ensure content mastery

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    Students enrolled in the Five-Week Program receive access to the M.U. Recreation Center

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    The classroom after a very productive Five-Week Comprehensive Program

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    Our computer lab features Macs and touch screen PCs

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    Our classroom features state-of-the-art technology

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    We are located in Myers Hall on the campus of Marshall University in Huntington, WV

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For nearly three decades, Marshall University Medical H.E.L.P. Program has helped students learn how to meet the unique challenges faced by those studying the medical sciences. Our students come from all levels of medical training from pre-med, to first and second year students, and all the way to physicians preparing for recertification boards. We have also assisted other medical professionals such as physician assistant, pharmacy, physical therapy, biomedical sciences, podiatry, and dentistry.  Our instruction includes diverse and engaged study tactics, memory skills, test-taking strategies, effective time management and organization, as well as positive self-concept and stress reduction. We also specialize in teaching strategies to students and other medical professionals with A.D.H.D. and other Specific Learning Disabilities. We are a small program with a limited enrollment for a reason – experience has shown that small class sizes combined with one-on-one sessions including guided practice and direct feedback from instructors is invaluable for each student’s learning, skill set mastery, and personal growth. Please, feel free to explore our website and contact us if you would like any additional information regarding our unique services. We look forward to working with you.