Advising Tips for University College Students

Meeting Your Advisor

Students will find that advising sessions go more smoothly and take less time when they arrive prepared. This is especially true during peak advising times, such as during registration windows for the next term.

Tips for meeting with your advisor:

  • If you need registration assistance, come with a proposed (or potential) schedule.
  • Don’t wait until the day you are eligible to register to see your advisor.
  • Check your status on myMU and make sure you have satisfied all holds—financial and others.
  • If you have a major you’d like to pursue, read the course requirements curriculum sheet for that major.
  • Arrive at the advising center as early as possible (within office hours) to avoid waits.
  • Turn off your cell phone before entering the advising appointment.
  • Try not to bring small children to the advising center.
  • Memorize your student number.


Tips for Advising Appointments

•In University College, advising appointments are encouraged but not required.  Since our advisors participate in campus-wide activities and meetings, it is best to make an appointment to ensure that your advisor is available at the time that fits your schedule.  If something comes up, though, don’t hesitate to call, stop by the office, or send an email.

•Please arrive to your appointment on time. You will be asked to sign-in at our reception desk.

•Be prepared to meet with your advisor at least twice during each semester.  Your academic advisor is there to help you stay on track and will be your guide during your first few semesters at Marshall. Use your advisor as a resource.

•Create a folder or notebook to organize all of the advising materials that are provided by your advisor. When preparing for your appointment, review the material as it relates to your current status. Bring those documents with you to your appointment if there is something that you need clarified or explained.  You need to keep a personal record of your progress toward your degree.

•If you have questions about academic policies or program requirements that you don’t understand, please ask.

•Ask questions about anything! Your University College advisor is willing to assist you with any concerns that you might have about your experience at Marshall University. While we may not be able to help or provide information for every situation you might encounter, we can help you find assistance from other campus offices and staff. We understand that many things outside of the classroom affect your academic success.

•When meeting with your advisor to plan your courses for the next semester, create a list of courses and bring that list with you to your appointment. As you plan for the next semester, it is good to know where you stand in the current semester. Be honest. We can provide the best advice for your situation if you are honest about your progress in your classes.

•Be ready to schedule your next advising appointment. Bring your planner (or your phone calendar) with you.