Fall 2015 Freshmen: Get Ready for WOW!

August 19-21, 2015

Mission of Week of Welcome and UNI 100 Freshman First Class
Week of Welcome is part of the First Year Experience at Marshall University. Week of Welcome serves as more than a class or program; it is an experience that is essential to the success of Marshall freshman students. It is a collaborative, introductory effort to welcome, educate, and socialize new students to the Marshall University campus, academic expectations, personnel, resources, and traditions during the first few weeks of the fall semester. Participants in Week of Welcome and UNI 100 will:

  • Understand what it means to be an accountable member of the Marshall University community
  • Identify and understand important academic and campus resources, procedures, and policies to create a successful Marshall experience
  • Explore essential technology that will aid in student success
  • Develop positive and influential relationships with university officials and peers

Marshall's Week of Welcome is an opportunity for freshmen to ease the transition into college and so much more! It's a time to find out what it means to be a student at Marshall University and get acquainted with campus before upperclassmen return. It's a time to learn how to take advantage of the academic and support services provided, meet new friends and HAVE FUN!

An integral part of Week of Welcome (WOW) is UNI 100 Freshman First Class, an introduction to academic structures and expectations of college life. UNI 100 is literally the first class most freshmen will take at Marshall. Successful completion of the course earns one hour of elective credit. The course is made up of two parts: (1) attending large group and small class sessions during Week of Welcome, and (2) attending eight additional 50-minute class sessions, once per week in the first eight weeks of the semester. To get an idea of what WOW is like, check out the 2013 schedule below.

WOW Schedule

WOW Checklist

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Teays Valley Regional Center Schedule | Mid-Ohio Valley Center Schedule

2015 WOW Agenda
Students will receive a printed booklet when they check in for WOW on Wednesday, August 19.

2015 WOW Pocket Schedule
Campus Map

See you at WOW! Go Herd!

Questions? Contact the Student Resource Center by calling (304) 696-5810, emailing src@marshall.edu, or visiting the Memorial Student Center Room 2W16.


Computing Resource Guides
The friendly and helpful staff of University Computing Services have provided to incoming freshmen a number of great step by step computing resource guides that will assist you with everything from getting your computer and mobile devices set up for internet access to preventing viruses and malware from giving you headaches.

Students must bring Marshall University Student ID card to all events.

Please check back often for updates on optional evening activities

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