PsyD Program Reaccredited

The American Psychological Association (APA) granted Marshall University a seven-year accreditation for its Doctor of Psychology Program, the Psy.D. The Psy.D. Program began in 2001 with the express mission to prepare graduates to work as clinical psychologists in rural and underserved areas, especially in the greater Appalachian region. Students in the program complete four years of rigorous training in clinical psychology and participate in various supervised internships to develop their clinical skills. During their fifth year, students complete a year-long residency at a comprehensive mental health facility.

The evaluation team gave the department much praise especially noting the high level of collegiality and camaraderie among the students. They were also impressed by the personalized attention each student receives from faculty in the program. The Department of Psychology has taken the strategic stand to keep its program small by admitting only 10 students into the program each year. This tactic allows the faculty to maintain a student-centered focus that is the hallmark of the program’s success. While studying at Marshall, students in the Psy.D. program provide various psychological services to the local community through the department’s clinic, the regional Veterans Administration Hospital, Cabell Huntington Hospital, Prestera Community Mental Health Center, and Riverpark Hospital in Huntington.