david norma charlie

Norma and Charles Carroll with Dean David Pittenger

at his home where he thanked them for their generous

gift to the Graduate College.

Charles and Norma Carroll make generous gift to support graduate student research.

Charles and Norma Carroll, longtime Huntington residents and benefactors to Marshall University, have made a generous financial commitment to the Marshall University Foundation Inc. to support graduate students. The Charles W. and Norma C. Carroll Graduate College Endowment will, when fully funded, support graduate students who must travel to off-campus locations to collect information essential for their thesis or dissertation project.

This generous contribution, which is in their wills in the form of a planned gift, will bring their total contributions to Marshall to at least $1 million and is one of 14 programs they have supported across the university. “It is an opportunity for us to give back to an institution that was so important in helping to develop our future,” Charlie Carroll said. “We have had a love affair with Marshall for many, many years. We are thankful that Marshall provided us the opportunity for a college education and a degree without having to leave Huntington. It was also strongly active in helping to provide an economy that would help support my independent insurance agency that put a roof over our heads and food on our table. We appreciate the commercial influence that Marshall University has on our community. I wish more people understood that and thanked Marshall with more financial support because it is a great college and learning institution that is getting better and better and better every day.”

“The fund that Charlie and Norma created is an affirmation of the good work of the faculty and students in our graduate programs,” David Pittenger, Dean of the Graduate College, said. “Every semester, I have the privilege of reading thoughtful and well-crafted works of original research that represent the high quality scholarship expected of our graduate students. This gift will be of considerable help to those students, regardless of academic area, who must conduct field research far from the Marshall campus.”

The Carrolls are graduates of Marshall University and the College of Business. They met at a church summer camp during their final years as students at Marshall and later married. He pursued a career in property and casualty insurance business and established his own independent insurance agency in 1974. He sold the agency in 2004 and retired. Norma enjoyed her career as a homemaker and as an active participant in many community and  church service organizations.

Master of Science in Computer Science

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Master of Public Health

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Research, Evaluation and Policy – This concentration provides advanced training in research and evaluation methods including biostatistics, analysis, and health policy, to enable graduates to produce systemic innovations in care delivery and value to ensure that health improvements are broadly achieved and sustainable.
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