For closing or class cancelation information call the MOVC Hotline (304)-674-7239 (updated daily)

MOVC Mission Statement

The Board of Advisors for the Mid-Ohio Valley Center of Marshall University, in accordance with the accepted professional practices in higher education, set forth the following mission statement: It is the primary mission of the Mid-Ohio Valley Center of Marshall University to increase access to higher education for the citizens of the Mid-Ohio valley region. The Mid-Ohio Valley Center delivers core courses and specialized programs of study through daytime and evening time periods which meet the needs of accelerated high school students, traditional college age students and those adults who have chosen to return to school.

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Congratulations on your decision to enroll at Marshall University! We are so excited that you will be joining us this fall, and we look forward to helping you successfully navigate the transition to college. Attending New Student Orientation this summer is a CRUCIAL step in that transition process.

Before you register for Orientation, please be sure you have paid your $100 enrollment deposit. If you aren’t sure if you have, or if you know you need to, first call the Bursar’s Office at 304-696-6620. They can check to see if you have paid it, and if not, can take your payment over the phone.

This orientation only applies to students completing their full degree at MOVC in Nursing, Social Work and Regents Bachelor of Arts.

If you have any questions or need assistance at any time, please call the MOVC Office at 304-674-7200.       We look forward to seeing you at MOVC this summer!

Fall 2015 Orientation dates and times for MOVC

June 22   10am-12pm

June 23 1pm-3pm

July 15   10am-12pm

July 16   1pm-3pm

Aug 7   1pm-3pm


Fall Semester 2015


August 17, Monday – August 24, Friday       Registration/Schedule Adjustment

August 24, Monday, 8 a.m.                            First Day of Classes

♦ August 28, Friday                                      Last Day to Add Classes

September 5, Monday                                    Labor Day Holiday – University CLOSED

September 18, Friday                                     December Graduation Application Due in Dean’s Office

♦ September 25, Friday                                Last Day to Drop 1st 8 Week Courses

October 12, Tuesday                                      Mid-Semester, 1st 8 Weeks Courses End

October 13, Wednesday                                 2nd 8 Weeks Courses Begin

October 15, Thursday, Noon                          Deadline for Submitting Freshmen Mid Term Grades

♦ October 30, Friday                                      Last Day to Drop a Full Semester Individual Course           

November 2, Monday                                      Begin Complete Withdrawals Only

November 9, Monday                                      Advance Spring Registration for Currently Enrolled Students

♦ November 13, Friday                                  Last Day to Drop 2nd 8 Weeks Courses

November 23, Monday                                    Advance Spring Registration Admitted/Re-Admitted Students

November 23, Monday –November 28, Saturday                      Thanksgiving Break – Classes Dismissed

♦ December 4, Friday                                    Last Day to Completely Withdraw for Fall Semester

December 7 – December 11                           Final EXAMS Week

December 12, Saturday                                  Commencement

December 14, Monday, Noon                         Deadline for Submitting Final Set of Grades

December 23, Wednesday                             Winter Break — University CLOSED

Huntington Campus Student Service Offices Open 10:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m. (Admissions, Advising, Bursar, Financial Aid, Registrar)