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The Office of University Communications is staffed by a small but mighty team of professionals with backgrounds in public relations, marketing, journalism, branding, videography, photography, printing, graphic design and more. With the help of the greater university community, we are able to strengthen the Marshall University brand. In 2016, we launched the “Sons and Daughters of Marshall” campaign, which can be seen across the region and beyond, and has been viewed by millions through billboards, printed pieces, advertisements, social media campaigns and more. With your help, we can continue to take our university to the next level. As such, we are available to assist with materials used to promote our Marshall University brand.

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University Communications will provide a maximum of five (5) proofs for each requested job.  Further corrections after the initial five proofs will result in additional production time and/or costs.

Have questions about our project management system? Check out this Wrike Quick Start Guide.

As usual, feel free to contact us if you need help.