Welcome to Marshall University’s College of Health Professions and the Dietetics Department. The Department of Dietetics offers the complete pathway for those interested in pursuing an exciting career in food and nutrition. Whatever your educational goals, the Department of Dietetics has meet your needs. We offer an undergraduate program (Didactic Program in Dietetics), a Dietetic Internship, and a Master of Science degree in Dietetics. All our courses are taught by experienced, nationally recognized faculty dedicated to your success.  Class sizes are small, so students receive more individualized attention. 

The undergraduate Didactic Program in Dietetics offers a challenging, well-rounded curriculum, which adequately prepares students to pursue a Dietetic Internship.  Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded a Verification Statement and be eligible to apply for supervised practice experiences (Dietetic Internships).  

Our Dietetic Internship provides students a variety of experiences in the clinical, management, and community settings and introduces many opportunities for possible careers.  The internship allows students to learn practical skills while working with food and nutrition professionals in the field.  Students who successfully complete the Dietetic Internship will be awarded a Verification Statement and be eligible to sit for the Registered Dietitian Examination.  In order to become a Registered Dietitian, students must complete a Didactic Program in Dietetics as well as a Dietetic Internship.

The Master of Science in Dietetics degree is available to those wishing to further their education in the field.  Graduate courses can be tailored meet individual interests.  The program is available for those who have completed the Dietetic Internship or currently hold the status of Registered Dietitian.  

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of Dietetics or a freshman just getting started, I invite you to join us in the Dietetics Department. We will work with you to achieve an advanced degree or to start your personal journey to success with a career in Dietetics.


Kelli Williams, PhD, RD, LD

The Department of Dietetics Mission Statement 

The Department of Dietetics strives to deliver the highest quality dietetics education, utilizing all available resources, to meet the needs of this rural region for dietetics professionals.  The DPD’smission is to provide the depth and breadth of food and nutrition knowledge and skills that prepare students to enter a supervised practice program in dietetics. The mission of the DI is to develop successful, lifelong dietetic practitioners. The program prepares graduates who are able to promote optimal nutrition and health to individuals, groups, and communities by providing a variety of nutrition experiences in urban and rural areas. The DI enhances didactic learning experiences and prepares quality practitioners committed to lifelong learning.  Graduates of both programs become successful practitioners, who work to promote optimal nutrition in the communities where they reside. Ultimately, many of these students will practice in rural Appalachia.


The undergraduate (DPD) and Dietetic Internship programs are nationally accredited by the:

Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND)  

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics   
120 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 2000
Chicago, Illinois  60606-6995
312/899.0040 ext. 5400