The Herd Lives United

Every day, you do something important as a member of the Marshall University community. Your work contributes to the education of our students, which helps to improve our communities. Likewise, many of you do something outside of your work at Marshall that benefits our region. Perhaps you mentor a middle school student; teach an adult to read; donate food and clothing to a pantry; or help qualified individuals file their income taxes for free. Marshall University is full of caring individuals who are proud of our communities and work every day to make things a little better for someone else. You Live United!

From November 5-16 you have a chance to continue your good work. During these two weeks, you have the opportunity to contribute to United Way of the River Cities through this year’s workplace campaign. We encourage you to become a partner in United Way of the River Cities’ efforts to address critical issues in our communities. If you already donate your time and/or financial support, thank you! If not, please consider doing so.

Our Goal: $35,000

United Way of the River Cities supports programs and strategies that address problems in our region. Thirty percent of United Way dollars assure that individuals and families in crisis have food, clothing, safe shelter, and medications. Seventy percent help fund programs that are creating long-term solutions to critical issues like substance abuse, the dropout problem, lack of life preparation skills, and childhood obesity, to name a few. United Way is also involved in partnerships that are making an impact on early childhood learning, financial stability, dropout prevention, and preventing substance abuse among youth.

United We Volunteer

United We Volunteer is how you as an individual can connect in your community with volunteerism. United We Volunteer is a web-based resource that connects agencies in the region that have volunteer opportunities and specific needs with individuals and groups who want to share their time and talents.

Click here for more information on the United We Volunteer database.