Integrated Science and Technology

Our computer learning environments go beyond traditional computer labs Technology reaches beyond the classroom and workspace

Are you interested in a career using computers for programming, catching cyber criminals, securing a network, database administration, developing interactive web applications, or developing computer games?

Do you want a career in biotechnology? Would you like to use molecular genetics to clone genes and solve crimes? How about bioinformatics, where computers are used for cutting edge scientific research?

Does working in environmental studies, whether for private industry or for the public interest you?

Would you like a program of study for your career that isn't simply memorizing information? Would you like "hands-on" experience from the very beginning? Would you like a program where student learning is the primary focus? Would you like to end up with a Senior Project you can be proud of?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should join the Integrated Science and Technology Department at Marshall University!

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