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The Third Avenue facade of Marshall University’s Science Building in Huntington, WV is adorned with a stunning stone bas-relief featuring tributes to influential scientists – all framing the phrase, “Science is Truth, Truth is Beauty.”

Science, at its core, is the collaborative search for truth. The process – making observations, asking a question, performing research, formulating a hypothesis, developing an experiment, collecting data, analyzing results, and reporting conclusions – is more than just a method. It’s critical thinking. It’s identifying problems and problem solving.

The process is collaborative by its nature. New perspectives bring in different experiences and additional expertise, improving each step of the process. Cultivating consensus coalesces confidence. Each answer discovered spurs new questions.

Science is the process of discovery that seeks to explain the truth of the world in which we live, and better understanding this truth amplifies the beauty of our world.

Science is Truth, Truth is Beauty quote on Science Building facade at night

What We Offer

We are committed to offering an enriching academic experience through our dedicated faculty, cutting edge curriculum, and affordable tuition. Our faculty includes award-winners and accomplished scholars.

Academic Programs

Students in the College of Science (COS) have a variety of options when it comes to choosing a degree program. Each degree at Marshall University starts with the core curriculum, a series of courses designed to foster critical thinking skills and introduce students to the basic domains of thinking in the disciplines. From there, students will have a foundation from which to explore there chosen field. Each curriculum is  from the respective fields, pairing modern approaches and standards with proven teaching methods.


Student Experience

Students in the College of Science have many options when it comes to finding help and discovering ways to make their mark. We invite you to learn about the resources available to help get you to graduation and the opportunities along the way.

Marshall University 2023 Master Plan

COS in the Master Plan

On June 21, the Board of Governors unanimously approved the 2023 Marshall University Master Plan. This visionary plan will serve as a guiding light for the university’s development over the next decade, providing a roadmap for progress and growth. Among the priority projects identified in the Master Plan, the Science Building renovation shines as a beacon of progress. With a budget of $110 million, this ambitious project is set to breathe new life into our esteemed Science Building.

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Have a question about the College of Science? You can reach us at or 304-696-2372.

Prospective and current students seeking academic information may wish to contact the advisors at the college’s Office of Student Services.

If you have questions pertaining to a particular department within the college, you may wish to contact the appropriate department office.

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