Mathematics, B.S.
Undergraduate Degree
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Program Overview

Mathematics is a vital function in everything from aviation to medicine and finance to computer science. Marshall University’s B.S. in Mathematics program provides a broad scope of disciplines and opportunities to apply them to real-world challenges.

As a basis for other sciences as well as business, engineering, education, and forecasting and analytics, a degree in mathematics can prepare you for a vast array of career options. We strive to offer opportunities to stretch yourselves in applied mathematics and statistics, exploring new mathematics areas and having opportunities to present your research nationally or internationally. Our students also apply their knowledge to community-based projects here in the Huntington, West Virginia, region.

Our Mathematics Department takes pride in our highly credentialed and dedicated faculty, with a majority holding terminal degrees in their research specialties. Our faculty know the excitement of mathematics and statistical challenges and provide students with opportunities to seek grant opportunities for research projects and travel to showcase their findings at mathematics-related conferences, where they network with experts and peers in the field. Our faculty also give you personalized attention to tailor your academic schedules to your interests and help you seek chances to have your research published.

Marshall is also home to one of the nation’s only publicly accessible Differential Analyzer Laboratories. A differential analyzer, used extensively in the early 20th Century, before digital computers were able to solve differential equations, is a mechanical device that solves the equations by simulating them on physical components.

I have loved my time here at Marshall so much - especially my time in the Marshall mathematics department! It’s such a close-knit community to the point that even some of the professors I have not yet had in class know me by name, and that connection means everything! They have encouraged me from the very beginning and given me the confidence and knowledge to believe I can and will reach my goal of a PhD and be able to one day provide students with the same support and strong foundation they have given me.
Faith Hensley
Featured Courses
MTH 335 - Ordinary Diff Equations
A study of differential equations, their solutions, and applications to physical systems, emphasizing closed-form solving methods. Laplace transforms, orthogonal functions, approximation, and numerical methods with applications.
MTH 443 - Numerical Analysis
The theory and technique of numerical computation involving the difference calculus, the summation calculus, interpolation methods, solution of systems of equations, and methods of solution of ordinary differential equations.
MTH 491 - Senior Seminar
Capstone experience in reading, doing, writing and speaking mathematics. Student will explore topics related to a theme chosen by the instructor.
Program Highlights
Real-world Learning

Marshall University established the Preparation for Industrial Careers in Mathematics project to get students involved in finding solutions for community-based mathematics questions. Examples of studies students have worked on as part of the PIC project include “Optimizing Refuse Collection in Huntington,” and “Optimizing Ambulance Service in Wayne County.” Both projects improved the efficiency of how taxpayer dollars are spent while improving service and offering real-world application to our students.

Travel and Exposure

Research, travel and presentation experiences help students gain confidence in their abilities and to be introduced to some of the world’s finest mathematicians.

Students have traveled to the national Mathematics Association of America conference to present their research, some earning awards and stipends for their efforts. Having earned a National Science Foundation grant, Marshall mathematics students and faculty have traveled to Singapore to present their research at the International Conference on Combinatorics and its Applications.

On-campus Activities

Mathematics students can participate in the Marshall chapter of the national mathematics honor society Pi Mu Epsilon, as well as benefiting from colloquium presentations about various math topics. The Department of Mathematics hosts the Advanced Research Initiative series, for which a distinguished speaker comes to campus to discuss different mathematics-related subjects.

Career Opportunities
Earning a B.S. in Mathematics is a foundation for many advanced and well-paying careers including those in the fields of engineering, education, research, business, medicine, data mining and much more.
  • Mathematician
  • Physicist
  • Economist
  • Statistician
  • Financial planner
  • Investment analyst
  • Operations research analyst
  • Actuary
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