Bachelor of Science in Physics

The Bachelor of Science in Physics is a program designed to provide undergraduate students with a high quality Physics education, in order to prepare them for future careers such as:

  • Graduate school in Physics or Engineering
  • Medical School, Law School, or any other professional programs
  • Direct employment in government or industrial laboratories
  • Private Sector; and/or
  • Other technical fields

The Department of Physics also offers coursework leading toward the B.S. degree in Physics with an Areas of Emphasis (AoE) in:

  • Applied Physics
  • Biophysics
  • Medical Physics

These Areas of Emphasis have a comprehensive curriculum combined with a strong physics program and a background from other scientific disciplines. Students who follow these flexible tracks will have a sound physics background, as well as broad knowledge in other sciences .

Click on the below links for Sample Curriculum Flowcharts and Degree Requirements for the BS in Physics and the BS in Physics with one of the above Areas of Emphasis (AoE).

Academic Requirements

A candidate for a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics will have to fulfill the specific major requirements and the general education requirements of the College of Science. A 2.00 overall GPA and a 2.00 Major GPA is required to graduate.

Physics Degree Requirements

Applied Physics Degree Requirements

Biophysics Degree Requirements

Medical Physics Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements of the College of Science

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