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  • Spring 2021
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Statement Regarding Students Requiring Special Accommodations & Students with Disabilities

“Marshall University is committed to equal opportunity education for all students, including those with physical, learning and psychological disabilities. University policy states that it is the responsibility of students with disabilities to contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS) in Prichard Hall 117 (304-696-2467) to provide documentation of their disability. Following this, the ODS Coordinator will send a letter to each of the student’s instructors outlining the academic accommodation he/she will need to ensure equality in classroom experiences, outside assignment, testing, and grading. The instructor and student will meet to discuss how the accommodation(s) requested will be provided. For more information, access the website for the Office of Disabled Student Services: http://www.marshall.edu/disabled.” Before any type of accommodations can be given, professors must receive official documentation.