The Physics Department has a wide range of research opportunities available for both undergraduate and graduate students interested in pursuing research. The topics are very diverse spanning the range from nanoparticles, soft condensed matter research, water filtration, laser and phonon physics, new materials for solar energy conversion, optics and holography, remote sensing, colliding black holes, young sun-like stars, and more, just ask or email one of our faculty.

Dr. Huong Nguyen: Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics

Dr. Thomas Wilson: Laser and Phonon Physics

Dr. Maria Babiuc-Hamilton: Gravitation, Relativity and Numerical Physics

Dr. Xiaojuan Fan: Photovoltaic Devices and Thin Film Solar Cells

Dr. Jon Saken: Optical Astronomy, Young Solar-type Stars

Dr. Sean P. McBride: Soft Condensed Matter Research

Dr. Curtis Foltz:

Dr. Howard Richards: Computational Physics, Monte Carlo, and Ising Model