Office of Student Services

Office of Student Services

Welcome to the College of Science Office of Student Services! We’re here to assist students in achieving their educational goals by providing an understanding of the:

academic programs offered by the College of Science
curriculum requirements for graduation
College of Science’s and Marshall University’s policies and procedures
resources available at Marshall University to students

Academic Advisors

All of our academic advisors are prepared to help students in their academic journey. Current students can find their assigned advisor via their BRITE Student Info dashboard.

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Students should feel free to stop by to talk with an academic advisor:
Sara Simpson
Program Manager & Academic Advisor
Location: Science Building 213
Telephone: 304-696-3475
Contact Sara Simpson for:
  • BS to MD / EA advising
  • Pre-Chiropractic advising
  • Pre-Optometry advising
  • Pre-Physician Assistant advising
  • Mathematics advising
  • Statistics advising
Tricia Agnello
Student Services Specialist
Location: Science Building 267
Telephone: 304-696-3476
Contact Tricia Agnello for:
  • Biological Sciences advising
  • Pre-Dental advising
  • Pre-Medicine advising
  • Pre-Veterinary advising
  • Pre-Physical Therapy advising
  • Physics advising
Hannah Dorsey
Academic Advisor
Location: Science Building 214
Telephone: 304-696-2757
Contact Hannah Dorsey for:
  • Pre-Biology advising
  • Criminal Justice advising
  • Pre-Science advising
  • Undecided advising
Paige Kennedy
Student Support Specialist
Location: Science Building 251
Telephone: 304-696-2327
Contact Paige Kennedy for:
  • Criminal Justice advising
  • Chemistry advising
  • Pre-Medicine advising
  • Pre-Pharmacy advising
Jacob Longoria
Academic Advisor
Location: Science Building 274
Telephone: 304-696-3214
Contact Jacob Longoria for:
  • Cyber Forensics & Security advising
  • Environmental Science advising
  • Geology advising
  • Natural Resources & Recreation Management advising
  • Specialty Agriculture advising



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COS advisors are member of the National Academic Advising Association (NACADA).